Weekly News Bulletin: Feb. 6-12, 2020


Landfill Pricing Rose 2.5 Percent to $53.5 per Ton Last Year on Higher Volume

The average cost to landfill a ton of municipal solid waste (MSW) rose to $53.5 last year. That's a 2.5 percent increase from the year before. But that only tells part of the story. The average price charged by the private sector rose by nearly 6 percent to $60 per ton. That compares with $47.2 which is the average price per ton charged by municipally owned and operated landfills.

On the other hand, landfill volumes have increased rather modestly over the last several years. Last year, 308 million tons of MSW were landfilled, up 2.5 percent from the year before. Over the last ten years landfill volumes have increased 1.7 percent on average.

Price increases reflect both the growing economy and modestly increased demand for disposal but also increased costs of disposal. Tumult in the recycling markets has forced companies to raise prices at the gate and on collection contracts to cover the increased costs to handle recycled materials as commodity prices have fallen...Read More »



Waste Industry Merger and Acquisition Activity Expected to Pick Up this Year

Waste industry merger and acquisition activity is expected to pick up this year, according to Waste Business Journal's recent Waste Market Overview & Outlook report. On the heals of recent deals including Waste Management's $4.9 billion proposed acquisition of Advanced Disposal and GFL Environmental's $2.8 billion purchase of Waste Industries last year, more deals are expected to follow in line with improving economy, increased cash-flow, business confidence, economies-of-scale, and tax law changes that put more capital in play...Read More »



New Report Details the $76 Billion U.S. Waste Industry

With all the bad news focused on the trouble with recycling it's easy to overlook the overall strength of the U.S. waste management industry which grew by nearly 4 percent last year to $76 billion. Waste Business Journal's 363-page report: The Waste Market Overview & Outlook 2019 details the industry, its business segments, key market participants, and how they interact with one another and the overall economy...Read More »



Announcing the Release of the Updated Directory of Waste Processing & Disposal Sites 2019

The editors of Waste Business Journal are pleased to announce the latest release of the highly acclaimed Directory of Waste Processing & Disposal Sites 2019. This powerful marketing and analysis resource is your guide to over 9,500 waste processing and disposal operations across the US...Read More »


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