About Waste Business Journal

Waste Business Journal and its predecessor companies including Cambridge Environmental Group and Chartwell Information Publishers, Inc. were founded in 1991 to address the information needs of an industry in flux, then as much as it is now. At that time, the imminent implementation of new regulations spelled the doom of many older polluting dumps which led to the widespread belief that the country would soon run out of disposal space for its ever growing waste stream.


Already new companies were being formed while business professionals and capital were entering the industry to address the many changes and opportunities resulting from its ultimate transition from a somewhat primitive local business to a more sophisticated vertically integrated regional and national business that it is today. Compounding the challenge was a lack of quantitative information about exactly how much landfill capacity remained, the volume of wastes being generated, how much it cost and especially what would it cost once the new regulations were implemented. We formed our company to address these needs.

Our Mission

We made it our mission to provide vital business information to the many industry stakeholders that would help guide and inform their decisions. To do this, our team of researchers calls every waste processing and disposal operation in the country on an ongoing basis. We ask about what types of wastes or materials are accepted, how much of each type, the prices charged, what kinds of equipment are employed, who owns the facility, who operates it, the market area served, remaining and operating capacity, among other questions. We compare the data we collect with those collected from other sources such as the various state regulatory agencies, the US EPA, and others to cross check and augment the information.

Our Industry Data, Products and Services

Our analysis of this time-series data serves as the basis of various reports tailored to address various segments and needs of the industry. To this end, we offer a weekly news bulletin, a monthly pricing and volume service, create individualized market reports, produce a comprehensive industry overview and outlook report and a directory that includes detailed profiles of every landfill, transfer station, recycling facility, waste-to-energy project, construction & demolition landfill, and many other waste processing and disposal facilities.

We invite you to call or email us with questions and to discuss ways we can help you with your specific needs. We can be reached by telephone: (619) 793-5190 or Email Us.

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