Custom Waste Market Radius Reports

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Focus on Your Market…

Market radius reports capture all waste disposal operations within a given market. They provide you with analysis of the major players by market share; show you historical trends in pricing, volume and capacity specific to that area.

Detailed Data on all Public and Private Players…

A basic report includes a detailed listing of all landfills, transfer stations, waste-to-energy plants, materials recovery facilities, construction & demolition facilities, composting facilities and others operating within a 100-mile radius of a particular point. A spreadsheet and map depict each facility and provides details such as the name, location, size of the facility, the daily volume and price charged for each type of waste accepted, days and hours of operation, transportation access (rail, road and waterway), distance from the center of the study area, capacity, the names, addresses and phone numbers of the owner and operator, and much more.

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Formatted to Help You Understand the Market…

The map shows each site in relation to the others, major roads, cities, county boundaries, states, rivers and other geographic boundaries.

In addition, to the detailed data in the spreadsheet and map, the report is formatted as a book and provided in Adobe Acrobat (*.pdf) format that can also be provided in hardcopy.

Reasonably Priced…

The price of a basic 100-mile radius report described above is $495. The price varies depending on whether the client desires to study a larger area, or requires additional statistics such as historical data on pricing and volume, types of equipment employed at each facility or additional analysis of the market such as an understanding of total waste generation, recovery, imported or exported to other regions, etc.

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Report also comes as a book

Each facility profile is organized by state and type of facility to make it quickly accessible and useful.

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Historical pricing and volume and capacity data for each facility…

Waste Business Journal researchers have surveyed the industry since 1991 and consequently can provide very detailed historical data on each facility, including those that have subsequently closed, going back that far in time. The historical data on pricing, volume and capacity give you valuable insight into how the local market is trending, market share among each of the players is changing, and the extent of all those changes over time.

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Waste Generation, Recovery, Net Export and Disposal within the Market Study Area…

Clients have the option to add an analysis of local market characteristics. The total volume of wastes generated within the study area are estimated using the latest Census Bureau statistics and known per capita discard rates. The volume of waste moving through recycling facilities is combined with local state recovery rates to estimate total recycling for the study area. When subtracted from waste generation, we have post-recovery waste volume which we compare with volumes going into local landfills and waste-to-energy plants to determine how much locally generated waste is either being exported to other regions or how much waste is being imported from other regions.

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Market Dynamics…

The radius report gives you thorough understanding of the market, the players, the dynamics, average pricing, waste generation, recovery, and disposal particular to the area.

Market Trends…

Historical data on pricing, volumes and capacity are also available and can be added to reports to show the evolution and dynamics of the market over time.

Turn Around Time…

Most Reports can be completed in a day or two depending on the particular market or whether additional data is required, etc. in which case more time might be required. Our staff can give you an estimate once all study parameters are clarified.

How to Order…

Reports typically cost $495 for a 100-mile radius. Prices vary in accordance with the number of data points selected, the quantity of reports ordered, and whether the client chooses a recurring service package.


100-Mile Waste Market Radius Report

Standard Report: $495.

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