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Waste Business Journal - Pricing and Volume Index

Monthly Service

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Keep Apprised of Changes as they Happen

Stay on top of the latest trends driving the waste management industry with WBJ's monthly volume and pricing report.

Waste Business Journal researchers survey through direct telephone contact, landfills, transfer stations, materials recovery facilities and waste-to-energy plants throughout the US. We crunch the numbers to give you the latest statistics on disposal and processing pricing and volume.

Monthly Pricing and Volume Index

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Individual Facility Statistics

Each monthly report lists the top one thousand (1,000) facilities individually but includes statistics drawn from the more than 6,600 facilities nationwide.

Listings of Each Facility by State

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Summary Statistics by Region, State and Type of Facility

Summary statistics give you an immediate grasp of the industry while more detailed regional and state level statistics by type of facility, allow you to drill down on the market to suit your particular needs.

Detailed Summary Statistics

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The monthly reports are available through subscription for $495 per year.


Waste Business Journal's Waste Business Journal's Waste Processing & Disposal Index gives you a read on the pulse of the industry every month.

12 Monthly Reports: $495.

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