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What we do

In short: we gather important waste industry information and try to make sense of it to make your job easier and more effective.

Our researchers gather data from a wide variety of sources the most important of which are our own custom market surveys that then becomes the basis of our proprietary services and products. Our nearly twenty years of experience informs both our research and our analysis.

WBJ researchers survey a wide variety of waste processing and disposal operations across the country and in Canada to collect detailed, time-series information. Among many things we ask are what types of waste are handled, how much is accepted, what is charged for the material or how much paid for the commodity, what types of equipment are employed, market area served, operating and remaining capacity, who owns and operates the facility, and much more.

We also research the federal agencies and the various state regulatory agencies for the data they gather and sometimes publish. To better understand important industry issues and key trends, we research a wide variety of various news and industry sources, published research, consulting studies, and other reports.

The Waste Business Journal is a weekly news service and monthly journal that serves to keep you apprised of and better understand important industry developments as they occur. It examines industry trends and events, including new technology, changes in legislation, mergers and acquisitions, and much more. It also covers pricing and volumes of waste acceptance at a variety of waste processing and disposal facilities across the entire US. The data include summary statistics by state and region and type of facility. Facilities that accept 500 tons per day or more are listed individually. ($395 for an annual subscription).


We publish a report called the Waste Market Overview & Outlook, which has just been updated and amended for 2019. It provides a very detailed analysis of the entire waste industry, examining the key business segments, and the evolving role of the major players. It examines the industry top to bottom covering waste generation, collection, processing, recovery and disposal by revenue and volume. The report details the relationship of past and future pricing to capacity and demand for disposal and shows the increasing role of the private sector. Waste equipment and the emerging importance of e-waste, C&D recovery, organics and food wastes, tires and medical wastes are also examined in detail. An accompanying Excel file details waste generation, recovery, movement among states and disposal in landfills and conversion to energy by state, region and for the entire U.S. by year from 1992 through 2019 and includes projections through 2023.

Directory Book Cover

The Directory of Waste Processing & Disposal Sites details thousands of waste processing and disposal operations across the country. This report contains highly detailed profiles of every wastes processing and disposal facility in the US. It provides a very powerful analytic tool for understanding various markets and the competitive positions of the major players within each market, and where there are opportunities for expansion, acquisition, etc. among many other questions one might ask.

The directory comes in a variety of formats that includes both a hardcopy as well as various electronic files. Those include an Excel spreadsheet and an Acrobat file such as the samples included, a database file, individual acrobat files for each of the state maps, and mapping shape files. ($1595, includes one year of periodic updates, usually every 6 weeks).

One of our more popular reports is what we call Custom Waste Market Radius Reports. Here we employ a geographic program to select waste processing and disposal sites by proximity to a particular place or facility. We provide the client with a detailed map depicting the location of qualifying sites and include detailed profiles each facility including data on name, location, type of facility, days and hours of operation, types of waste accepted, volumes and prices charged, market area served, transportation access, remaining capacity, and the names addresses and phone numbers of both owner and operator.

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Waste Business Journal offers a wide range of services from customized consulting projects for individual companies to multi-client studies on timely industry topics. Our industry experts provide detailed, consistent, integrated analysis across product lines and geographic regions. We often combine our analysis with a comprehensive historical perspective. With hundreds of clients, Waste Business Journal is recognized as a premier source for economic data and analysis of the waste management industry. Our waste disposal research has been cited in several national publications, including the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and The Economist, and many others.

Over the years, Waste Business Journal has gained considerable expertise in helping commercial environmental service firms make decisions about developing and expanding or discontinuing environmental ventures. Our years of experience gives dimension to our analysis the variety of business, policy, regulatory, and technology issues that affect the industry.

Our goal with clients:

  • Help clients to understand alternatives as well as to define the questions.

  • Help clients to understand particular markets.

  • Forecast expected revenue streams based on dynamic market conditions and internally developed economic models.

  • Forecast associated costs of various disposal options based on client criteria.


In general, our customized research and consulting to clients can be categorized as follows.