Waste Business Journal in the News

Publisher Title Date Author
The Wall Street Journal "Trash Burning Ignites as World's Waste Swells" 2020 06/10 By Saabira Chaudhuri
Waste Today Magazine "The 30 largest landfills in the U.S. list" 2020 04/02 By Brian Taylor
Waste360 "Waste Business Journal Releases New Industry Research" 2019 07/02 By Leone Young
KJZZ Radio "U.S. Recycling Begins Infrastructure Development To Solve China Crisis" 2019 06/21 By Heather van Blokland
WasteDIVE "Public companies increased control of $74B US waste industry in 2018" 2019 06/04 By Cole Rosengren
Marketplace "What happens when a landfill runs out of space?" 2019 01/08 By Alexis Marshall
St. Louis Post-Dispatch "Privatization is an obvious answer for St. Louis' trash problem" 2018 08/26 By David Nicklaus
Memphis Commercial Appeal "Most Tennessee landfills have decade or more worth of space left" 2018 05/26 By Tom Charlier
Waste Dive "US landfill capacity to drop 15% over next 5 years" 2018 05/08 By Kristin Musulin
Atlanta Business Chronicle "DOL orders Loganville waste company to pay nearly $38K in back wages" 2016 12/28 By Jessica Saunders
WasteDIVE "Founder of LEED certification takes on waste industry with new SWEEP standard" 2016 11/15 By Cole Rosengren
Waste360 "Unpacking Two Recent Reports on Recycling in the U.S." 2016 07/06 By Leone Young
Inc. Magazine "How this $500 Million Startup Gives Small Businesses a Leg Up in the Trash Industry" 2016 05/27 By Zoe Henry
Allentown Morning Call "Trash talk? Two Lehigh Valley landfills say they are fast running out of space" 2015 11/26  
Triple Pundit "Is Zero Waste Attainable in Commercial Properties?" 2015 11/20 By Ana Wyssmann
Preserving the Environment "Finding Opportunity at the Bottoms of Dumpsters" 2014 11/17 By Mark A. Mangelsdorf
The New York Times "Dividing and Conquering the Trash" 2014 10/25 By David Zax
Baltimore City Paper "Trash Talk" 2014 07/22 By Van Smith
Forbes Magazine "From Waste To Reward: Reimagining A $55B Industry" 2014 06/06 By Kerry Flynn
The Press Enterprise "Company targets landfill dumping" 2013 02/22 By Laurie Lucas
River Falls Journal "Trash-service ownership change puzzles residents" 2013 01/28 By: Debbie Griffin
San Diego CityBeat "Why recycling is a waste of money, time and energy" 2013 01/08 By Edwin Decker
Reuters "Tough times force garbage firms to dig around for growth" 2012 10/16 By Sagarika Jaisinghani and Kartick Jagtap
GreenBiz.com "How the world's trash problem presents profit opportunity" 2012 08/09 By Jennifer Inez Ward
Houston Chronicle "Advantages and Disadvantages of Building a Waste Management Facility" 2011 12/31 By Angela Ogunjimi
The Boston Globe "Donít throw it away" 2011 10/23 By Aubin Tyler
Daily Environment Report "EPA Considers Including More Materials In Measure of Municipal Solid Waste Stream" 2011 08/02 By Avery Fellow
Earth & Industry "Green Solutions for Construction, Renovation and Demolitions Waste" 2010 10/27 By Wes Muir
The Arizona Republic "Garbage firms find creative ways to boost revenue" 2010 10/13 By Betty Beard
TreeHugger.com "Waste Solutions Play Key Role In Green Building" 2009 11/26 By Wes Muir
Biofuels Digest "Special Report on Financing Waste to Energy" 2009 07/31 By Mackinnon Lawrence
The Daily Iowan "Waste not, want notí not living in UI dorms" 2009 05/15 By Margaret Peters
The Daily Vidette, Illinois State U. "Economy may hurt waste generation, but not at Illinois State U." 2009 05/04 By Andrew Steckling
New Jersey Business News "Trash cans, not tea leaves, may track economy" 2009 04/27 By Tanya Batallas
National Public Radio: All Things Considered "Amid Recession, People Throwing Less Away" 2009 04/26 Host: Jacki Lyden
Tidewater News "SPSA raises tipping fees" 2009 04/24 By Charlie Passut
The Philadelphia Enquirer "One result of the recession: Less trash" 2009 04/21 By Tom Avril
Solid Waste & Recycling Magazine "Republic rejects Waste Management offer" 2008 07/28  
Solid Waste & Recycling Magazine "Waste Management offers $6.19 billion for Republic" 2008 07/21  
Las Vegas Sun "Waste Management offers to buy Republic Services" 2008 07/14 By Mary Manning
BC Business "Trash for Cash" 2007 11/01 By Ryan Stuart
Wired News "Green Dream: Shrink-Wrapped Trash" 2007 03/19 By Alexander Gelfand
BioCycle Magazine "The State of Garbage in America" 2006 04/01 By Nora Goldstein, Scott M. Kaufman
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (PA) "Leap In Efficiency Saves Billions In Waste Disposal" 2005 08/14  
International Herald Tribune "Trash Business Makes Leap In Productivity" 2005 08/12 By Jeff Bailey
The New York Times "Waste Yes Want Not; Rumors Of A Shortage Of Dump Space Were Greatly Exaggerated" 2005 08/12 By Jeff Bailey
Wired News "BigBelly Has Appetite for Trash" 2005 03/28 By Abby Christopher
Solid Waste Report "Professors Contend Composters, Recyclers Must Provide Better Data" 2004 12/10  
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (PA) "Landfill Proposal Displaces Recreational Plans In Centre County, Pa." 2004 10/24  
The New York Times "Mayor Recommits To Recycling With An Ambitious 20-year Pact" 2004 09/14 By Ian Urbina
Public Works Magazine "No Longer An Open And Shut Case: The Post-closure Period Of A Landfill's Life Is No Longer An Afterthought" 2004 05/15 By H. James Busbee
Waste Age Magazine "WasteExpo Presentation" 2004 04/01 Speaker: James Thompson Jr.
The (Harrisburg PA) Patriot-News "Hidden Trash Tax Harms Pennsylvania" 2004 03/05  
The Environmental Benchmarker & Strategist "Reflections on the Current State of the Solid Waste Management Industry" 2004 03/01 By James Thompson
Crain's Chicago Business "Trash Biz Smells Sweet To Zell; But Glut Of Dump Space Weakens Burners' Outlook" 2004 02/23  
City Limits Magazine "Colossal Waste: How Does The City Handle Recycling? By Treating It Like Trash" 2003 07/01 By Ruth Ford
Mobile Register (Al) "A Bigger Landfill" 2003 03/25  
The New York Times "Gold In Them Thar Tin Cans; Recycler Sees Money To Be Made From City's Containers" 2003 01/11 By Kirk Johnson
Daily Herald (Arlington Heights, IL) "Fence Post" 2002 11/27  
Waste Age Magazine "Tipping Through Time" 2002 11/01 By Ed Repa
The Cincinnati Post (Cincinnati, OH) "Recycling Is Expensive, But Worth It" 2002 10/18  
Market News International "Reality Check: Us Waste Carting Execs: Economy Slowing" 2002 10/10 By Gary Rosenberger
Solid Waste Report "Multibillion Dollar Debt Haunts Allied Waste In Note Offering" 2002 10/04  
Time Magazine "Let's Talk Trash: It's A Slump-resistant Trade And Has Cool Toys To Boot" 2002 09/16 By Bill Barol
The New York Sun "Pennsylvania To Hike Trash Fees" 2002 06/28  
Newsday (Melville NY) "City Power / Don't Let The Mayor Junk Our Recycling Plan" 2002 05/30  
Waste Age Magazine "WasteExpo Presentation" 2002 04/01 By James Thompson, Jr.
The New York Times "Is Recycling's Future Behind It; Bloomberg Puts Doing Well Ahead Of Doing Good" 2002 03/12 By Kirk Johnson
The New York Times "To City's Burden Add 11,000 Tons Of Daily Trash" 2002 02/28 By Kirk Johnson
Waste News "How Big Is Big? It's A Matter of Perspective" 2001 11/12 By Jim Johnson
St. Paul Pioneer Press (MN) "Your Trash In Their Back Yard//neighboring States' Looser Rules Lower Taxes And Different Attitude" 2001 10/14  
Erie Times-News (PA) "Pennsylvania Is Trashiest State In Nation" 2001 06/24  
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (PA) "Pennsylvania Leads The Nation In Accepting Trash Of Others" 2001 06/24  
Knight Ridder/Tribune Business News "Garbage Is Booming Business Across U.S." 2001 05/25  
Investor's Business Daily (Los Angeles CA) "Waste Services: Trash Haulers Are Bouncing Back From Price Wars And Overcapacity" 2001 05/21  
The New York Times "After 53 Years Fresh Kills Gets Its Final Load Of Trash" 2001 03/23 By Kirk Johnson
Waste Age Magazine "Back In The Game" 2001 03/01 by Kim A. O'Connell
Star Tribune (Minneapolis, MN) "Neighbor States Getting Fill Of Minnesota Trash; Iowa And Wisconsin Are Getting More Waste From Minnesota, And Some Wisc" 2001 02/26 By Terry Fiedler
Lancaster New Era (PA) "Waste Watchers Local Authority That Swung Landfill Deal Firmly Controls Trash" 2001 01/08  
Waste Age Magazine "Privatization Makes Its Mark on Disposal" 2000 10/01 By Adrian Moore and Geoffrey Segal
Reason Foundation "Privatizing Landfills: Market Solutions for Solid-waste Disposal" 2000 05/01 By Geoffrey F. Segal and Adrian T. Moore
The Buffalo News "Dumping Ground Landfill Owners May Triple Their Capacity - And Western New York Is A Prime Area For New Mountains Of Trash" 1999 10/23  
The New York Times "Essex Chief Offers Plan For County-run Waste Disposal For Communities" 1999 05/20 By Ronald Smothers
The Virginian Pilot "House Panel Approves Restrictions On Garbage" 1999 02/04 By Ledyard King
The (Norfolk VA) Virginian-Pilot "House Panel Approves Restrictions On Garbage" 1999 02/04  
Barrons "Allied Stock May Have Trash Appeal" 1999 01/28 By Vito J. Racanelli
The New York Times "New Jersey's Landfills Want The Right Stuff" 1998 12/06 By Jennifer Preston
The Washington Times "Fairfax May Bear Brunt Of Rising Costs Of Trash. (Business Times)" 1998 10/05 By Heather Skale
Knight Ridder/Tribune Business News "Fairfax County, Va., May Bear Brunt Of Rising Costs Of Trash" 1998 10/04 By Heather Skale
Weekday Trader "Waste Management-2: Fundamentals Seen Improving" 1998 06/30  
The Atlanta Journal and Constitution "Focus On The Trash Business: So Much Space, So Little Garbage" 1998 03/25 By Gerrie Ferris Finger
The New York Times "Waste-hauling Companies Announce $13 Billion Merger" 1998 03/12 By Barnaby J. Feder
The Wall Street Journal "Waste Management Cleans Its Books, Not Its Outlook -- Fundamental Problems In Industry Put Long-term Pressure On Profits" 1998 02/27 By Jeff Bailey
Richmond Times Dispatch "State Rivers Trash Routes Barges Of Garbage From New York City May Be Coming To Va" 1998 02/08 By Lawrence Latane and Andrew Petofsky
The (Portland) Oregonian "There's Gold In Them Thar Trash Pits" 1997 12/19  
The Wall Street Journal "Rural Counties Vie To Fill Glut Of Landfills" 1997 11/19 By Jeffrey Ball
The (Newark NJ) Star-Ledger "State's Trash Bonds Could Be Garbage" 1997 11/02  
The New York Times "Trash Disposal System Is Fragmented By A Court's Ruling" 1997 10/06 By Ronald Smothers
Technology in Government "Don't Miss The Boat On It Standards" 1997 05/01 by Yogi Schulz
American Sweeper Magazine "What Can We Expect For Future Landfill Fees And Space" 1997 02/15 By Barbara Hudson
The Trenton (NJ) Times "Picking Through Trash Choices" 1996 12/08  
The Washington Post "Trash Warfare (cont.)" 1996 04/14  
Owensboro Messenger-Inquirer (KY) "Double Standards Continue With Addington" 1996 03/20  
The Wichita (KS) Eagle "Cheap Landfills Burn Incineration Industry" 1996 02/04  
Coast Business (Gulfport MS) "Pecan Grove Expansion Proposal Gathers Opposition" 1995 08/12  
PR Newswire Financial News "New Study Determines High Costs of Flow Control" 1995 05/04  
National Public Radio - All Things Considered "Recycling Part 2 The Landfill Shortage" 1995 04/19 With Linda Wertheimer
The Washington Post Magazine "Trash Warfare" 1995 04/14  
The Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal "A Burying Bargain" 1995 02/05 By Jane Hill
The Washington Post "Busy Landfill Puts Nerves On Edge In Arundel" 1994 12/26 By Justin Blum
The Allentown (PA) Morning Call "County Wants To Dispose Of High Costs In Trash Plan" 1994 11/16  
Syracuse Herald-Journal (NY) "Incinerator Tipping Fee A Mystery County Won't Predict. Current Price Called Too High" 1994 07/11  
The Columbus (OH) Dispatch "Other States May Send More Trash" 1994 05/15  
The Chicago Tribune "Robbins Incinerator Gaining Momentum" 1994 02/22  
Capital District Business Review (Albany NY) "Waste Disposal Industry In Capital Region Holds Too Many Unknowns To Say Costs Will Rise" 1994 01/03  
The Chicago Tribune "Incinerator Loses Ground To Landfills" 1993 12/13  
Capital Hill Hearing Testimony, Before the House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Transportation and Hazardous Materials "Kenneth D. Huggins, President Of Santek" 1993 10/29  
The Chicago Tribune "Summits Push For Incinerator Sparks Unusual Bunch Of Foes" 1993 10/24  
The Wall Street Journal "Fading Garbage Crisis Leaves Incinerators Competing For Trash" 1993 08/11 By Jeff Bailey
The Wall Street Journal "Up In Smoke: Fading Garbage Crisis Leaves Incinerators Competing For Trash" 1993 08/11 By Jeff Bailey
The Cleveland Plain-Dealer "Governors Back Bill To Limit Waste Flow" 1993 08/04  
The Memphis Commercial Appeal "Part Of The Solution (editorial)" 1993 07/27  
The San Diego Union Tribune "El Cajon Raises Trash Fees For Homes Firms" 1993 06/10  
Richmond Times-Dispatch "Trash To Cash Solid Waste Is A Hot Commodity For Railroads" 1993 06/07  
The Economist "A Survey of Waste and the Environment" 1993 05/29  
Richmond Times-Dispatch "Virginia Becoming A Garbage Dump Critics Say" 1993 05/29  
The Chicago Tribune "Builders Wake Up To Recyclings Value" 1993 05/01  
The Washington Post "Builders Begin To Look At Recycling" 1993 04/17  
The New York Times "The Saga of The Lonetree Landfill" 1992 12/22 By Barnaby J. Feder
The Louisville Courier-Journal "Harrison County Garbages Future" 1992 04/11  
The Washington Post "Even Trash For Cash Fails To Slow Landfill Backlash" 1992 02/28  
The Daily Jeffersonian (Ohio) "National Standards Set For Garbage Dumps" 1991 10/15  
Chemical Marketing Reporter "Waste Rules To Encourage Recycling" 1991 09/16  
The New York Times "U.S. Sets Rules To Cut Landfill Pollution" 1991 09/12 By Robert Pear