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Announcing the Release of the Updated Directory of Waste Processing & Disposal Sites 2019

Date: October 28, 2019

Source: Waste Business Journal

Announcing the Release of the New and Fully Updated Directory of Waste Processing & Disposal Sites 2019

The editors of Waste Business Journal are pleased to announce the latest release of the highly acclaimed Directory of Waste Processing & Disposal Sites 2019. This powerful marketing and analysis resource is your guide to over 9,500 waste processing and disposal operations across the US.

This vital resource helps you stay apprised of an industry that is in constant flux - driven by continuing industry consolidation, as companies make strategic acquisitions and exchange assets and governments contract out more services.

The latest release of our highly acclaimed directory

The Directory of Waste Processing & Disposal Sites, now in its nineteenth edition, is the most up-to-date and comprehensive directory yet, and the only one of its kind in the industry. It gives you detailed profiles of all waste processing and disposal facilities in the US, including landfills, construction and demolition facilities, waste-to-energy plants, transfer stations, materials recovery facilities, composting sites and more - over 9,500 individual facility profiles.

Price: $1,595. To learn more, visit:


What kind of information is in this database resource?

Number of Facilities by Type in this Book
(Over 9,500 facilities detailed)

What can you learn?

  • Specifically, by how much and in which states waste processing and disposal volumes are changing since last year, especially given the effects of the economy.
  • New operations and capacity now coming online compared with facilities that have recently closed or about to do so.
  • Changes in market share among the industry's major players, including major acquisitions and divestitures.
  • Which markets are better served? Which markets are under served, providing new opportunities?

Comprehensive data at your fingertips

Data in the book, which comes in hardcopy as well as electronic format, includes the name and location of each facility, types of waste accepted, the prices charged and volume of waste received, the market area served, days and hours of operation, whether served by rail or waterway, operating capacity or remaining capacity (if a landfill), startup and closure dates, and the names, addresses and phone numbers for both the owner and facility operator.

Major Companies' Market Share
(Percentage of Landfill Volume Managed)

Detailed profiles of each facility

  • facility name, type and location (including lon, lat)
  • types of waste accepted
  • how much waste is received and what is charged (tipping fee)
  • days and hours of operation
  • market area served
  • whether also accessible by rail or waterway
  • operating and remaining disposal capacity
  • names, addresses, email and phone numbers for both the owner and operator

Accurate and up-to-date

The information in this book is not available anywhere else. Our researchers gather this data through direct telephone survey of owners and operators, saving you time and money. The data is up-to-date as facilities are surveyed regularly, larger ones every six weeks. Moreover, we compare the data with any that might be available from various state and federal regulatory agencies to give you the most comprehensive analysis possible.


Who can benefit?

  • Waste management and hauling companies concerned about their markets, their customers, their competitors and areas of potential growth.
  • Municipal governments need to assess and compare their own operations as well as to know what others are doing and to know their waste processing and disposal options into the future.
  • Financial institutions with a stake in the industry now have a tool for tracking and analyzing capacity, supply changes, capital investments and pricing.
  • Industry stakeholders who need to better understand this important and changing industry.


The directory comes in a variety of formats that you can use

The Directory of Waste Processing & Disposal Sites comes in hardcopy and on CD-ROM. The CD-ROM contains Acrobat, Excel and database formats of the Directory and contains Arcview shape files of each map layer. Purchasers are entitled to one year of product updates through WBJ's website.


Regular periodic updates

Existing customers receive notice of updates as they become available and have the option to download them directly from the website or have them emailed or receive a CD-ROM in the mail.

Price: $1,595 US. Includes hardcopy and CD-ROM (Excel spreadsheet and Acrobat Reader versions + Map Files).

To learn more, visit:

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