Weekly News Bulletin: Jun. 3-9, 2022


Congressional Bills to Watch: Recycling

Over the past two decades, the US Government's attitude toward waste management and recycling has changed dramatically. What was once a sidelined and seldom looked at issue, often an afterthought to other environmental issues, has quickly moved to the center of lawmaker's attention. Currently, several bills are sitting on different lawmaker's desks, each with different implications for the future of the waste industry...Read More »



Amazon Shareholders Vote to Reduce Company's Plastic Footprint

As Amazon has meteorically risen to become one of the world's largest e-commerce platforms, so has its footprint on global waste. Amazon produces a massive amount of plastic waste, which it uses to package and protect products as they reach their destination. As the pandemic steered more customers away from traditional brick and mortar stores and online, Amazon's plastic production increased by 29 percent, creating a massive problem for shareholders and stakeholders who want the company to reduce its environmental footprint...Read More »



Ford to Shift to 20% Recycled Plastics by 2025

In a recent announcement on May 25th, the automaker stated that it will replace 20% of its current plastic use in its vehicles with recycled and renewable plastics by 2025. Despite their metallic appearance, the average Ford car contains about 700 pounds of plastic materials. That figure represents a major opportunity to shift production toward sustainability in a meaningful way...Read More »



Recycling a Wind Turbine

Humans have been harnessing the power of wind for thousands of years, long before coal and oil entered the scene. We first used it by constructing windmills which, like the name implies, were used to grind up grain. Now we use wind power for a much greater variety of purposes, and they've gotten bigger to meet that increased demand...Read More »



Wine and Spirits to Enter California Redemption Value Program

For a long time, California has allowed residents to return deposit beer, wine coolers, soda, and water containers to local recycling centers to receive payment, also referred to as a deposit because the consumer pays an extra charge at the point of purchase...Read More »


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