Ford to Shift to 20% Recycled Plastics by 2025

Date: June 3, 2022

Source: News Room

In a recent announcement on May 25th, the automaker stated that it will replace 20% of its current plastic use in its vehicles with recycled and renewable plastics by 2025. Despite their metallic appearance, the average Ford car contains about 700 pounds of plastic materials. That figure represents a major opportunity to shift production toward sustainability in a meaningful way.

Polypropylene currently represents the largest share of resins used in the average vehicle and most of it, along with the other resins used, comes from virgin material. The aim is to reduce the amount of virgin material used through replacement with biologically sourced materials and recycled resins. Many companies have made similar pledges to increase the recycled content of their products but have faced inadequate supply of recycled material. New advanced recycling technologies including chemical recycling could help close the gap.

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