Wine and Spirits to Enter California Redemption Value Program

Date: June 3, 2022

Source: News Room

For a long time, California has allowed residents to return deposit beer, wine coolers, soda, and water containers to local recycling centers to receive payment, also referred to as a deposit because the consumer pays an extra charge at the point of purchase. This has proven an effective way to ensure that recyclable materials reach their intended destination, whereas previously they were often mixed in with curbside trash due to low consumer knowledge. This program is known as the California Redemption Value (CRV), containers that qualify are often marked CRV.

Previously, this program prioritized metal containers, like cans. However, with the passage of a recent bill through the California senate, the program is looking to expand to glass containers, which dominate the Wine and Spirits manufacturing industry. The move has been applauded by both the wine and spirits industries as well as by recycling advocates. The primary objective of the bill is to drive more glass into the recycling stream.

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