Weekly News Bulletin: Sep. 18-24, 2007


Senate Passes Measure To Allow States to Regulate Waste Rail Stations

The U.S. Senate approved a measure that would allow states to regulate transfer stations located on railroads, despite federal railroad preemption from state and local regulation. U.S. Sen. Frank Lautenberg, D-N.J. and others have criticized what they have called a "loophole" in the law whereby waste firms set up shop deliberately on rail property to escape local regulation and expense that normally applies to waste processing facilities. However, the Bush administration "objects to allowing states to regulate solid waste along rail property, preempting authority granted to the Surface Transportation Board," the White House wrote in a statement outlining its opposition to the bill. "A multiplicity of standards across states could create confusion for stakeholders and potentially create an undue burden on interstate commerce."...Read More »



Vermont Court Rules States Can Control Emissions from Cars and Trucks

A Vermont U.S. District Court Judge ruled in favor of a tough new state law that limits greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from automobiles and trucks. In his decision, Judge William K. Sessions III rejected the automobile industry's arguments that Vermont had interfered with the federal government's authority to regulate vehicle fuel economy, reasoning that the Vermont law had broader goals, such as reducing GHG emissions state-wide. The ruling will likely have wide-ranging impacts, and influence a similar court battle in California and encourage several other states to move forward with measures, perhaps even prodding the U.S. Congress to pass federal legislation that would supplant a state-by-state patchwork of standards...Read More »



Fortistar acquires Minnesota Methane LLC and United Gasco LLC

Fortistar LLC, an investment portfolio company, recently acquired a 100% interest in Minnesota Methane LLC and United Gasco LLC. Collectively, these acquisitions include a portfolio of fifteen landfill gas to energy projects located primarily in California, the Midwest and the Northeast. Fortistar Methane Group, the landfill gas to energy division of Fortistar, now owns 43 facilities totaling 210 megawatts of generating capacity and four compressor stations selling landfill gas to commercial customers. The company has plans to spend $100 million of expansions over the next several years...Read More »



Green Energy Resources Wins $125 Million Export Contract

New York-based Green Energy Resources won a $125 million, 5-year contract to export construction and demolition debris (C&D). This is the first of its kind for the former lumber and wood waste company that now dedicates itself wood waste recovery and renewable energy. They are currently organizing ports and suppliers along the East and Gulf coasts, including New York, Baltimore, and Florida...Read More »



Another Connecticut "Mob Tax" Enforcer Goes to Jail

A top lieutenant of James Galante acting as CEO of his Automated Waste Disposal has been sentenced to jail for his role in orchestrating price collusion among waste haulers in western Connecticut and eastern New York. Paul DiNardo is also Galante's brother-in-law and was charged with enlisting mob muscle to hinder competition and keep contract rates high. At one point, he told another hauler that a "peaceful world is a better place for everybody."...Read More »



Perma-Fix In Pacts To Sell Industrial Segment for $13.1 Million

Perma-Fix Environmental Services Inc. has again agreed to sell a major portion of its industrial segment, this time to Triumvirate Environmental Inc. The $13.1 million deal includes the sale of assets in Maryland, Fort Lauderdale and Orlando for $12 million, and those at South Georgia for $1.1 million. An earlier deal, back in May, with EQ - The Environmental Quality Company fell through. Earlier this month, the Amerex Group Inc. agreed to purchase Perma-Fix's waste treatment facility in Tulsa, OK...Read More »



Waste Pro USA Wins $95 Million in New Contracts

Longwood Florida-based Waste Pro USA, Inc. recently won three new long-term exclusive municipal contracts which include over 90,000 homes, 2,000 businesses and the operation of a transfer station. The contracts with the Florida cities of Jacksonville, Daytona Beach and Quincy are collectively worth $90 million over their term and contain provisions for long-term renewal...Read More »



Rumpke Picks up 5,000 New Customers with Purchase in Newark OH

Cincinnati-based and family-owned Rumpke Consolidated Companies bought a Newark, Ohio-based private waste hauler called Buckeye Valley Waste. The purchase nets Rumpke 5,000 customers in Licking and Delaware counties...Read More »



Newalta to Acquire Canada's Largest Lead Recycling Facility

Newalta Income Fund agreed to buy Canada's largest lead recycling facility from Quebec-based Nova Pb Inc. for $55 million in cash and stock. Nova operates the country's largest integrated lead battery recycling facility on a 50 acre site in Ville Ste-Catherine, on Montreal's south shore where a workforce of 115 create a supply of custom lead alloys to the automotive and industrial battery manufacturing industries...Read More »


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