Green Energy Resources Wins $125 Million Export Contract

Date: September 17, 2007

Source: Green Energy Resources

Green Energy Resources (GRGR) lands $125 million dollar deal for clean, dry, C&D wood for renewable energy.

Green Energy Resources (GRGR) announced it has received the first ever export supply contract for clean, dry, C&D wood. The contract is a 5 year supply deal worth over $125 million dollars. The contract commences immediately. The C&D includes chipped construction lumber cut offs, recycled pallets, crates, sawmill waste and other kiln and air dry woods. Green Energy Resources is currently organizing ports and suppliers along the East and Gulf coasts, including New York, Baltimore, and Florida.

In other company news, Green Energy Resources has extended the timetable for a shareholder dividend of 10% from September 30th to November 15th.

About Green Energy Resources

Green Energy Resources is a wood biomass supplier sourcing from landfills, municipalities, hurricanes, storm damage and other sustainable sources. The company also offers the sale of Carbon offset credits. The company has no debt, has not raised any public money, operates on its own cash flow and is not leveraged. The Public float is approximately 17.5 million shares. A combined total of 50 million shares is issued and outstanding.

For more information, contact:
(631) 375-7921

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