Weekly News Bulletin: Nov. 13-19, 2006


Environmental Groups Have High Hopes for New Congress

Environmental groups have much to celebrate with the imminent changes in both houses of Congress from this last election. Committees, now chaired by Republicans will soon feature prominent Democrats. For example, California's Barbara Boxer will chair the Environment and Public Works Committee now run by James Inhofe of Oklahoma. Boxer is known as an outspoken liberal while Inhofe has called global warming "the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people."...Read More »



Supreme Court Set to Tackle 'Flow Control' in January

The Supreme Court is set in January to weigh in once again on whether local governments can restrict waste movement, a tactic known as flow control. Back in 1994, the High Court ruled in its landmark C&A Carbone Inc. vs. Clarkstown case that flow control was illegal because it violated the commerce clause of the US Constitution. But in United Haulers Association Inc. et al. v. Oneida-Herkimer Solid Waste Management Authority et al. the court is to review a 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruling that granted a flow control exemption to publicly owned facilities. Here the court justified the exemption by employing the Pike balancing test to determine if the burden on interstate commerce was outweighed by public benefit...Read More »



Waste Services' Increased 3Q Revenues Helps Narrow Net Loss

Waste Services Inc., who some might remember as Capital Environmental, is the latest to report positive quarterly financial results. For its third quarter, ended September 30, revenues increased by 11% to $104.9 million from $94.5 million last year. Average price increases of 5.9% contributed an additional $5.5 million to revenues while increased volume collected, processed and disposed contributed an additional $2.8 million. These increases helped narrow the net loss to $8.6 million (or $0.24 per share) from $9.4 million (or $0.28 per share) in the corresponding quarter last year...Read More »



Another Record Quarter for Clean Harbors

"Clean Harbors delivered another record breaking quarter," said Chairman and CEO Alan S. McKim. The company surpassed the $200 million revenue mark even without including the Teris contribution. Revenues for the third quarter increased 20% to $213.9 million from $178.6 million last year. Teris, which was acquired in mid-August 2006, added about $8 million. Net income increased to $21 million (or $1.02 per share) from $5.5 million (or $0.31 per share) in the same period last year...Read More »



GE Hitachi Alliance Heralds More Nuclear Plants

General Electric Co. and Japan's Hitachi Ltd. announced plans to pool their units in a $2 billion enterprise meant to capitalize on increasing demand for nuclear energy. A growing economy, population and ever more computers and appliances are driving demand for energy at a time when consumers are increasingly concerned about volatile oil and gas prices and an over-dependence on foreign sources. John Krenicki, President of GE Energy, expects 20 new plants to be built over the next decade. And that is only in keeping pace with the ratio of nuclear power to that of other sources...Read More »



Landfill's Methane Will Fuel Brick Kilns

Atlanta-based Boral Bricks Inc. plans to use landfill methane to fire about a third of its kilns. The Oklahoma Environmental Management Authority operates the landfill in Union City (southwest of Oklahoma City) that will provide the methane. The project is expected to cost about $2 million to setup. A similar project was announced last month where Jenkins Brick Company agreed to build a $56 million manufacturing plant in Moody, Ala. specifically to use methane produced by Veolia Environmental Services' Star Ridge landfill there...Read More »



Environmental Industry Associations Elects Pair of New Chairmen

The Environmental Industry Associations' NSWMA and WASTEC have new leadership. Jim Perry who is President and CEO of Waste Industries USA, Inc. will become the next Chairman of the National Solid Wastes Management Association (NSWMA). Mike Knaub, Senior Vice President of Schaefer Systems International will become Chairman of the Waste Equipment Technology Association (WASTEC)...Read More »



TransLoad America Acquires Rail Accessible Landfill in Ohio

TransLoad America Inc. is the latest firm expecting to capitalize on the trend towards rail-hauling of waste by acquiring Central Waste Inc., which owns the 1,200 acre Central Landfill in Alliance, OH. David Stoller, TransLoad's Chairman and CEO, said that "the acquisition of the Central Landfill is a key step in TransLoad's mission to become the national leader in the 'waste-by-rail' marketplace."...Read More »



Wastequip Expands in Northeast, Acquires BME Engineering

Wastequip in building itself into a leader in waste management equipment and in particular, solidifying its position in the northeast market, has acquired BME Engineering, Inc. of Georgetown, MA. BME manufactures roll-off, front load and rear load containers, along with compactors and roll-off hoists for refuse and recycling markets...Read More »



WCA to Add Independent Directors

WCA Waste Corporation (Nasdaq: WCAA), in response to a request from Nasdaq, will appoint two new independent directors to its board. WCA initially contacted Nasdaq in September to say that the company no longer satisfied Nasdaq's independent director requirements after Ares Corporate Opportunities Fund II, L.P. ("Ares"), a major stock owner and sole owner of the company's Series A Convertible preferred, elected its own directors Antony P. Ressler and Jeffrey S. Serota to the WCA Board in accordance with its privilege to do so. Nasdaq Marketplace Rule 4350 requires among other things, board independence to prevent conflicts of interest in financial audits and on issues of compensation...Read More »



EQ to Manage Mercury Recovery Program for Autos

EQ the Environmental Company is to become project manager for the national effort to recover mercury from old cars. The program, called End of Life Vehicle Solutions (ELVS), is an effort by the automakers to prevent further releases of mercury into the environment. Mercury was incorporated into convenience lights and anti-lock braking systems in automobiles made before 2002. An estimated 32 million vehicles containing mercury are still in use. The ELVES national program includes a commitment by automakers to provide information regarding switch removal and to take responsibility for collection, transportation, and recycling of the switches...Read More »



Avalon Holdings Third Quarter Revenues and Profits Up

Avalon Holdings Corporation (Amex: AWX) said that third quarter (ended September 30) revenues increased to $11.1 million from $9.5 million while net income increased to $.5 million (or $0.13 per share) from $20,000 (or $0.00 per share) in the same period last year...Read More »


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