Weekly News Bulletin: Sep. 11-17, 2006


Latest WBJ Pricing Index Confirms Company Reports

The latest survey of waste disposal and processing facilities indicates continued increases in both pricing and volume and confirm what many of the major waste management companies have reported to their shareholders. Continued strength in the economy is driving steadily increasing demand for disposal as evidenced by 3% growth in year over year landfill volumes. Increased demand has in turn driven a 4% increase in year over year pricing. Universally higher labor, healthcare, fuel and compliance costs have generally precluded price wars for market share...Read More »



House Legislates on International Waste

The U.S. House of Representatives approved a bill (H.R. 2491) to stop almost all international garbage from being imported into the United States...Read More »



Casella Waste Announces First Quarter Results and Guidance for the Year

Casella Waste Systems, Inc. (Nasdaq: CWST) reported growth in revenues for the first quarter, ended July 31, 2006, to $143.5 million from $132 million in the same period last year. However, a number of factors conspired to hurt profits, including historical record rainfalls, flat seasonal construction activity, unusual landfill maintenance costs, and reduced plastics commodities pricing among others...Read More »



Veolia Buys Allied Waste Units In Illinois and Pennsylvania

Veolia ES Solid Waste, formerly known as Onyx Waste Services, recently acquired a pair of solid waste collection, hauling and recycling services markets from Allied Waste Industries, Inc. One of the properties included Allied Waste's operations in Charleston, Ill., serving Coles, Cumberland, Moultrie, Douglas and Shelby counties. Veolia also acquired Allied Waste's operations in Clarion, Pa., serving Clarion, Venango, Forest and Jefferson counties...Read More »



First Plasma-Arc Facility Planned For Florida

Plans for the first plasma-arc gasification facility are underway in Florida. This first-of-its-kind plant plans to vaporize 3,000 tons of garbage per day using plasma arcs...Read More »



Camden County May Accept New Contract

Camden County in Virginia could get dividends from Black Bear Disposal, a subsidiary of Waste Industries, before the landfill they are under contract to construct is completed, or even started...Read More »



Milo Brother Admits He Had No-Show Job With Trash Hauler For Six Years

Joseph Milo Sr., whose brother Thomas Milo was recently indicted in federal court on racketeering charges for allegedly participating in an organized crime scheme to fix trash turf in southern Connecticut, admitted that he had a no-show job with a Danbury, Conn. trash hauler for six years...Read More »



Teamsters Names Head of New Solid Waste Division

Robert Morales, Secretary-Treasurer of Teamsters Local 350 in Daly City, California, was appointed as director of the new Solid Waste, Recycling and Related Industries Division of the Teamsters Union...Read More »



EPA to Spend $359 Million at Superfund Site

The US EPA plans to spend $359 million on the second largest Superfund cleanup site in the country in Idaho's Silver Valley. Much has already been done at the Bunker Hill smelter and mine in Kellogg, Idaho...Read More »



Startup Receives $7.5 Million Financing to Market Innovated Wastewater Treatment Technology

A startup company called Aquarius Technologies recently received $7.5 million in venture funding to help market a new kind of "sludgeless" wastewater treatment technology for municipalities and manufacturers...Read More »



EPA Rule on Solid Waste Disposal Act, Subtitle I Sent to Senate

The US EPA has transmitted a rule entitled "Tribal Strategy; Solid Waste Disposal Act, Subtitle I, as amended by Title XV, Subtitle B of the Energy Policy Act of 2005." Section B amends Subtitle I of the Solid Waste Disposal Act, the original legislation that created the underground storage tank (UST) program...Read More »



Army Urged To Neutralize Mustard Agent

A national chemical weapons demilitarization group, Chemical Weapons Working Group (CWWG), is urging the Army to neutralize rather than incinerate old stockpiles of mustard gas...Read More »



California Electronic Recycling Company Recycles Five Million Pounds in One Month

John S. Shegerian, President and CEO of Electronic Recyclers, California's largest recycler of electronic waste, announced that his company became the first organization in California history to recycle five million pounds of electronic waste in a one-month period...Read More »


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