Weekly News Bulletin: Jun. 3-9, 2024


Landfill Pricing Continues to Rise, Up 6 percent From a Year Ago

The April 2024 tipping fee report from Waste Business Journal reveals that landfill pricing is up 6 percent for the year so far. The national average is now $66.92 per ton of MSW, up from $63.14 in May 2023. Driving these increases are increased costs borne by waste management firms, especially from labor, fuel, general inflation, and compliance with environmental mandates, etc.



WM to Buy Stericycle for $7 Bil.

WM (Waste Management) announced plans to acquire medical waste company Stericycle for $7.2 billion, a figure that includes $1.4 billion in debt...Read More »



EPA Boosts U.S. Recycling Efforts Amid Calls for Further Action

Communities across the U.S. are benefiting from the U.S. EPA's recent funding aimed at enhancing recycling infrastructure and education. At a Senate hearing, speakers emphasized the need for long-term strategies to raise recycling rates...Read More »



Cemex and Clean Energy Fuels Corp. Partner for Renewable Natural Gas

Cemex and Clean Energy Fuels Corp. have partnered to supply renewable natural gas (RNG) for Cemex's Southern California fleet, aligning with Cemex's lower-carbon fuel goals...Read More »



California's Extended Producer Responsibility Bills Progress

Several EPR bills in California have advanced past a critical legislative deadline, aiming to update existing laws and introduce new policies for various products. This progress indicates a significant shift towards comprehensive waste management strategies...Read More »



AECOM Secures Contract for PFAS Remediation

AECOM has secured a five-year contract with the U.S. Army Environmental Command to provide environmental remediation services, focusing on PFAS contamination...Read More »



Pensacola Selects Adams Sanitation for New Recycling Program

Pensacola has chosen Adams Sanitation to lead its "Recycling 2.0" initiative that aims to resolve issues of high costs and contamination rates that plagued the previous program...Read More »



OP-ED: "Store Drop-Off" Recycling: How to Confuse a Consumer

You've probably already seen it, a little recycling symbol with a "Store Drop-Off" text next to it. On its face, the aim of the policy is to reduce plastic waste, but in practice it has served mostly to shield companies from sustainability-based criticism and confuse consumers about what they're supposed to do with their plastic waste...Read More »


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