Cemex and Clean Energy Fuels Corp. Partner for Renewable Natural Gas

Date: June 3, 2024

Source: Cemex

Cemex and Clean Energy Fuels Corp. have partnered to supply renewable natural gas (RNG) for Cemex's Southern California fleet, aligning with Cemex's lower-carbon fuel goals. This collaboration is part of Cemex's Future in Action program and signifies a significant step towards sustainability. The initiative is expected to reduce greenhouse gas emissions substantially. RNG is a fossil fuel with a much shorter cycle, which means the carbon trapped within it was in the Earth's biosphere much more recently than coal or oil. Due to this, as well as its impact on diverting methane emissions from landfills, it is considered one of the most eco-friendly fossil fuels.

The agreement, which will supply 300,000 gallons of RNG annually, will significantly lower emissions relative to diesel. Additionally, a new private fueling station in Rialto, CA, will support Cemex's fleet. This infrastructure development is crucial for the practical implementation of RNG usage. The infrastructure updates will also bring increased economic value to both Rialto and Southern California as a whole.

Cemex aims to cut fleet emissions by 8,822 metric tons of CO2e annually, a notable reduction. This collaboration exemplifies efforts to decarbonize operations and aligns with Cemex's sustainability targets. Achieving these reductions will require effective management and ongoing innovation.

This initiative highlights Cemex's commitment to sustainability and Clean Energy's role in providing RNG. The project has the potential to inspire other companies to adopt similar practices, driving industry-wide change. By leading in sustainable practices, Cemex sets a precedent for others in the building materials sector. If Cemex is successful with this endeavor, it will provide a noteworthy road map for other firms to follow in other areas of the country.

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