Weekly News Bulletin: Mar. 28-Apr. 3, 2013


California Could Lead Way on Drilling Waste Rules

Environmental groups are urging California legislators to adopt strict rules governing releases of methane, and greater disclosure requirements for hydraulic fracturing "fracking" operations which could set a model for other states overseeing booming extraction activities, and guide federal regulations. A recent bill also seeks to regulate "produced" waste water from oil and gas fracking operations as a hazardous waste. The state's Division of Oil, Gas & Geothermal Resources (DOGGR) last December released comprehensive draft regulations for fracking that include notification, well integrity and a host of other provisions. Since the draft rules were unveiled, the debate has intensified over what should be included in the regulations and whether legislation should be sought to require more stringent rules, with several lawmakers recently introducing separate bills that would significantly strengthen requirements.

Adding urgency to the debate is a recent report that estimates that there are 15.4 billion barrels of extractable oil and large volumes of natural gas in the Monterrey Shale region, believed to be the largest such resource in the lower 48...Read More »



Another New York Authority Considers Flow Control

A municipal authority in upstate New York is weighing flow control as a means to slow the exodus of waste from its own landfill which is partly the result of its own diversion and recycling efforts. Those programs in turn need additional funding amid lower prices paid for commodities. The Development Authority of the North Country (DANC), which serves the infrastructure needs of three counties, would like to raise tipping fees at its landfill in Rodman, created by a 1986 inter-municipal agreement among the three counties, without losing volume to facilities elsewhere. However, DANC is also a victim of its own success in boosting diversion through recycling. Its landfill volume has declined by 115,062 tons in the last six years, from 354,989 in 2007 to 239,927 in 2012. A flow control law would stabilize volume and boost revenue, especially if tipping fees are raised...Read More »



NYC Styrofoam Ban Could Cost $100 Million per Year

In response to New York City's proposed ban on Styrofoam food containers, which Mayor Michael Bloomberg says harms the environment and is difficult to recycle, a study was commissioned by the American Chemistry Council that says the ban, if enacted, would cost city businesses, consumers and tax payers nearly $100 million per year by nearly doubling foodservice product costs. The study, by MB Public Affairs, estimates that for every $1 now spent on foam containers, consumers and businesses will have to spend about $1.94 on alternatives. It also claims that local restaurants will see a $57 million increase in costs. The National Center for Public Policy Research, which like other groups including the New York State Restaurant Association has been critical of the proposed ban, calls it "arbitrary and capricious" and says it will actually cause more environmental harm when people opt to use multiple paper cups or bowls to do the job of a single foam container...Read More »



Casella Issues $21.5 Million Industrial Revenue Bonds

Casella Waste Systems (Rutland, VT) is issuing industrial revenue bonds of up to $16 million in Vermont and $5.5 million in New Hampshire. CFO Ned Coletta said that the company was taking advantage of an IRS tax-exempt bond program that allows companies to finance qualified solid waste assets that they may already own, including landfills, landfill infrastructure, transfer stations and processing facilities and improvements in collection operations. The financing is unrelated to the company's recent acquisition of BBI waste for $23 million announced last December, even though that company has operations in New Hampshire. Mr. Coletta said that rather it was a good timing and favorable terms that dictated the transactions...Read More »



Casella Forms Joint Venture to Pursue Fracking Wastewater

Casella Waste Systems, Inc. (Rutland, VT) has formed a joint venture with Altela, Inc. (Albuquerque, NM) to manage wastewater from hydraulic fracturing, or "fracking," for oil and gas. Under the entity Casella-Altela Regional Environmental Services (CARES), the companies have established a pilot treatment operation adjacent to Casella Waste's McKean County landfill in Mount Jewett, PA, which is utilizing landfill gas to dry sludge extracted from the wastewater. The landfill also accepts solids extracted from the wastewater. "We are able to take the solids that we extract from the water and make it into a filter cake and that cake, we can just bring it across the street to the landfill. That's certainly one huge benefit of having that so close to us," said Jerry Leone, general manager of CARES...Read More »



AERC Recycling Buys E-Waste Processor 2nd Solutions

AERC Recycling Solutions (Allentown, PA), has acquired 2nd Solutions LLC (Richmond, VA) which is also a recycler and reseller of used electronics (e-waste). 2nd Solutions has operations in Massachusetts, Europe, and Africa and will gain credibility from AERC's existing R2-RIOS certifications. "This was the best fit for our company based on the abilities and strengths of AERC, especially with its new ownership structure," said Michael Feibelman, 2nd Solutions' founder. Last November, Recycling Holdings, LLC (Nashville, TN) took over ownership of AERC after Robert Landmesser, AERC's founder and CEO, transferred his majority share over to the company. More recently, AERC opened its seventh recycling facility in Rochester, NY. The company's other operations are in California, Florida, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Texas and Virginia...Read More »



Waste Management to Report Q1 Results on April 24

Waste Management, Inc. (Houston, TX) plans to report first quarter results before the market opens on Wednesday, April 24 and will host a conference call later that morning at 10 am (Eastern)...Read More »



Republic Services to Report Q1 Results on April 25

Republic Services, Inc. (Phoenix, AZ) will host an investor conference call on Thursday, April 25 at 5 pm (Eastern) to report its first quarter financial results...Read More »


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