AERC Recycling Buys E-Waste Processor 2nd Solutions

Date: March 12, 2013

Source: AERC Recycling Solutions

AERC Recycling Solutions (Allentown, PA), has acquired 2nd Solutions LLC (Richmond, VA) which is also a recycler and reseller of used electronics (e-waste). 2nd Solutions has operations in Massachusetts, Europe, and Africa and will gain credibility from AERC's existing R2-RIOS certifications. "This was the best fit for our company based on the abilities and strengths of AERC, especially with its new ownership structure," said Michael Feibelman, 2nd Solutions' founder. Last November, Recycling Holdings, LLC (Nashville, TN) took over ownership of AERC after Robert Landmesser, AERC's founder and CEO, transferred his majority share over to the company. More recently, AERC opened its seventh recycling facility in Rochester, NY. The company's other operations are in California, Florida, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Texas and Virginia.

March 12, 2013, Inc. Acquires 2nd Solutions, LLC, Inc. (dba AERC Recycling Solutions) through an affiliate, has completed the acquisition of 2nd Solutions, LLC, a global end-of-life electronics company headquartered in Richmond, Virginia with operations in Massachusetts, Europe and Africa.

AERC is a leading, full-service recycling company with universal and electronic waste facilities located in Pennsylvania, Virginia, Florida, and California. AERC, with its R2-RIOS certifications, will combine resources and processes of its own electronics segment to enhance the capabilities of 2nd Solutions.

2nd Solutions provides true turn-key solutions while maximizing residual values for mobile, wireless, and computer technologies, making them a leader in the global secondary market. The reputation and innovation of 2nd Solutions in the marketplace allows it to focus on the engagement of high volume users of electronics equipment. Founder Michael Feibelman, who has over thirty years of industry knowledge, chose AERC from other suitors, saying, "This was the best fit for our company based on the abilities and strengths of AERC, especially with its new ownership structure."

AERC's goal is to become an integral component of the universal information technology life cycle. To learn more about 2nd Solutions and their recycling processes, please visit their website at

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AERC Recycling Solutions is committed to a green world by helping clients in proper end-of-life management of assets, including those containing sensitive data and components hazardous to our environment. AERC has become an industry leader through its partnerships with clients by providing unmatched convenience, regulatory compliance and expert consulting to handle Electronic and Universal Waste issues. AERC develops comprehensive programs for its clients around the nation in providing full-service solutions for handling End-of-Life Electronics, Secure Data Destruction, Asset Management, Electronic and Universal Waste needs.

Universal Waste materials include fluorescent lamps, batteries, ballasts, and mercury containing devices.

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