Weekly News Bulletin: Mar. 16-22, 2010


States Considering E-Waste Laws Leaning to Market Share Responsibility

Environmental groups report that as many as eight states are considering e-waste legislation this year, in line with what was introduced in 2009. Most of the 2010 bills prescribe some form of producer responsibility according to the National Center for Electronics Recycling. So far, twenty states and New York City have enacted e-waste laws. More recent proposals are moving toward market share-based financing obligations for manufacturers in favor of return share, or divvying up the cost of handling whatever comes back. States' interest in tackling the e-waste problem is still high, given the number of bills in play this year, said Barbara Kyle, national coordinator of the Electronics TakeBack Coalition. She said states where legislation has been out for a couple of years, like Massachusetts and Vermont, are more likely to pass e-waste laws this year. However, according to Adam Schafer, executive director of the National Caucus of Environmental Legislators, energy and renewable energy issues will likely overshadow e-waste this year...Read More »



Smurfit-Stone Will Operate Emerald Waste Recycling Facility

Smurfit-Stone Container Corp. will partner with waste management company Emerald Waste Services (EWS) to operate their materials recycling facility (MRF) and transfer station in Gainesville, FL. Smurfit-Stone, which produces paper and paperboard products, has also developed an expertise in recycling, initially to help feed its own mills. Lately, the company has signed similar partnerships with other regional waste management firms including Advanced Disposal (Jacksonville, FL) and Waste Services, Inc. (which is merging with IESI-BFC) to help them maximize the efficiency of their MRFs in select markets. These partnerships can be seen as a response to the increasing complexity of the business of materials recovery with its price volatility, economies-of-scale, capital expenditures, and specialized knowledge needed to operate more efficiently. "Combining the talent and resources of EWS and Smurfit-Stone allows both our companies to better serve our customers by providing an efficient and cost-effective solution to the waste and recycling needs," said Bart Begley, CEO of Emerald Waste...Read More »



Los Alamos Lab Awards $100 Million Waste Contract

A small Texas company, TerranearPMC LLC, has won a $100 million contract from the Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) to haul and dispose waste from the cleanup of Cold War era test facilities. Last year, Los Alamos received money from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act to demolish and remove buildings in its so-called Technical Area 21. Project officials estimate cleanup operations will generate about 50,000 cubic yards of rubble from demolished buildings and excavated soil, enough to fill a football field to a depth of about 25 feet. The company promises to transport the waste material in certified metal containers with waterproof covers. Uncontaminated material will go to a nearby industrial landfill, while material that tests positive for radioactive residue will go to an EnergySolutions facility in Clive, Utah. Under the Recovery Act, all work must be completed by Sept. 30, 2011...Read More »



TransForce Buys Remainder of Ontario Landfill Complex

Trucking firm TransForce Inc. (Montreal, QC), which has a waste management subsidiary, said it purchased the remaining 50 percent stake in Ontario landfill company Lafleche Environmental that it did not already own. The subsidiary, called Matrec, had increased its ownership of the complex to 50 percent from 37.5 percent in 2008. The Lafleche complex consists of a landfill, recycling, composting, soil treatment, waste water treatment, and is developing a landfill gas-to-energy system. "The Lafleche environmental complex is a very important strategic asset for Matrec, strengthening its competitive position in Eastern Ontario, and serving as a model for its other operations," stated TransForce chairman and CEO Alain Bedard. He said the acquisition will improve Matrec's ability to control costs and increase profits in the waste management business. It is Matrec's fourth landfill-related transaction in three years...Read More »



NV Energy Signs 20-Year Landfill Power Deal with WM

NV Energy Inc. signed a 20-year contract for power from a proposed 3 MW Waste Management landfill gas-to-energy (LFGTE) project in Reno, NV. The gas-fired turbine generator unit at the Lockwood Landfill is expected to be commercially operable by the end of next year. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. The deal represents NV Energy's second long-term contract for power from landfill gas-generated power having signed a 20-year deal for 11 MW from the Republic Services' Apex Regional Landfill north of Las Vegas back in December. The project will help boost NV Energy's renewable energy portfolio, which currently includes more than 1,200 megawatts from geothermal, solar, wind and other clean sources. Waste Management currently has 115 landfill gas-to-energy facilities operating at its landfills throughout North America...Read More »



Plastic Bag and Film Recycling Hits All-Time High

A new report proclaims that the recycling of plastic bags and post-consumer film has reached an all time high of 832.4 million pounds in 2008, a 28 percent increase from 2005. The study, "2008 National Postconsumer Recycled Plastic Bag and Film Report," authored by Moore Recycling Associates, cites greater access to collection programs, particularly at retail and grocery stores, and new markets creating demand for the material. The authors note that the study probably underestimates the market since much of the processing of recycled material has shifted overseas, where data is more difficult to obtain. "More Americans are recycling plastic bags and film than ever before, driven by a growing recognition that plastic is a valuable resource -- too valuable to waste," said Steve Russell, vice president of plastics for the American Chemistry Council...Read More »



Perma-Fix Environmental Services 4Q Profit and Revenue Soars

Perma-Fix Environmental Services, which processes industrial and special wastes, posted fourth quarter earnings that surged on higher-than-expected revenues and lower overhead expenses. Net income increased to $5.7 million or $0.10 per share compared with $725 thousand or $0.01 per share in the same quarter last year. However, the latest quarter benefited from a $2.4 million one-time tax gain. Chairman and Chief Executive Dr. Louis F. Centofanti said, "We believe these trends bode extremely well. He added the waste company has identified "sizable opportunities." Revenue increased 20.8% to $28.4 million from $23.5 million in the prior year period...Read More »



Advanced Disposal Buys Trash Taxi's Florida Operations

Advanced Disposal Services (Jacksonville, FL) said it bought the Florida assets of Trash Prince Inc., which does business as Trash Taxi and provides waste collection services to residents and businesses in Fort Meade, FL, and throughout Polk, Pasco and Orange counties. The purchase includes customer contracts, containers and nine Trash Taxi trucks as well as a long-term lease on an office and a maintenance facility in Winter Haven, FL. "Adding Trash Taxi and its employees to our solid waste and recycling team here in Florida is an exciting and beneficial opportunity for Advanced Disposal as it grows our Florida footprint and positions the company to respond quickly and effectively to a rebound in the economy," said Advanced Disposal's Florida Area President Dave Lavender in the press release...Read More »



Senator Introduces Airport Waste Recycling Bill

In response to recent reports of relatively poor recycling at airports, Sen. Ron Wyden (D-OR) has introduced legislation (S.3105) that would "expand the scope of the definition of airport planning to include waste management planning." The bill, introduced on March 11, was referred to the Commerce, Science, and Transportation Committee...Read More »


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