Weekly News Bulletin: Oct. 31-Nov. 6, 2002


Waste Management Announces Third Quarter Results

Waste Management Inc. (NYSE: WMI) has announced financial results for its third quarter ended Sept. 30, 2002. Revenues for the quarter were $2.90 billion, no relative change from the $2.90 billion in the year ago period. Net income reported for the quarter was $231 million, or $0.38 per diluted share, compared with net income of $30 million, or $0.05 per diluted share, for the third quarter 2001. Company officials said that the level of waste production during the quarter reflected overall U.S. economic conditions, and while there has been little recovery, there also has been little worsening of the situation...Read More »



Insulation Recycling Running Strong, Industry Association Says

In the last decade, manufacturers of fiberglass and slag wool insulation have diverted more than 20 billion pounds of glass and blast furnace slag from America's solid waste stream, according to The North American Insulation Manufacturers Association. NAIMA recently completed its 10th Annual Recycling Survey of its members, which manufacture fiberglass and slag wool insulation. The survey indicates that in the last ten years for which data is available, NAIMA's members have used nearly 9.5 billion pounds of recycled glass and nearly 11 billion pounds of recycled blast furnace slag for the manufacture of fiberglass and mineral wool insulation. Fiberglass insulation products are now made with up to 40 percent recycled glass, and are the largest secondary market for recycled glass containers according to the Glass Packaging Institute...Read More »



New Microbe May Help Clean TCA Superfund Sites

A bacterium that thrives by feeding on a common pollutant may provide a means to help clean up contaminated soil and ground water. The newly discovered microbe derives energy by degrading trichloroethane, or TCA, a widely used industrial solvent found at half of the contaminated U.S. Superfund sites, Michigan State University researchers have reported in the journal Science. The microbe, dubbed TCA1, breaks down trichloroethane to a less-toxic substance. Testing so far has found TCA is the only substance the new bacterium targets. TCA1 was isolated from sediment dredged from the bottom of New York's Hudson River and also occurs naturally in Michigan's Kalamazoo River...Read More »



CET Environmental Announces Third-Quarter Results

CET Environmental Services, Inc. (Amex: ENV) has announced that revenues for the third quarter ended Sept. 30, 2002 were $420,891, down from $4.04 million in the year-earlier period, when Environmental Protection Agency contract activities contributed $3.7 million in revenues. The company's contract with the EPA expired on January 8, 2002, and no revenues were derived from the EPA during the current quarter. With lower revenues and cost overruns related to three now-completed water/wastewater projects, a net loss of $387,608 or $0.07 a share was incurred. A year earlier, the company reported a profit of $213,376 or $0.04 a share...Read More »



Weston Transfers Portion of California Shipyard to State

Weston Solutions, Inc. has announced the successful early transfer of a parcel of the former Mare Island Naval Shipyard in Vallejo, CA to the state of California. Weston was both remediation contractor and developer on the project, and negotiated agreements to facilitate an early transfer of the former Navy industrial base, north of San Francisco. Weston oversaw remediation and regulation in order to meet both state and federal guidelines...Read More »



Stericycle Wins Contract For Japanese Medical Waste Incinerator

Stericycle, Inc. (Nasdaq: SRCL) has announced that installation of a new ETD treatment facility is underway in Hokkaido, Japan. Stericycle's ETD medical waste treatment technology has particular application in Japan, company officials noted, as stringent new environmental standards, especially with respect to incinerator emissions, are expected to result in the potential closures of medical waste incinerators in Japan. Engineers of Medical Safety Systems of Hokkaido, Japan and Stericycle have begun equipment installation at the second ETD medical waste treatment facility in Japan in advance of the winter season...Read More »



Radioactive Cat Waste Proves Costly For Owner

A Whitman, Mass. man who ignored a veterinarian's order to flush his cat's radioactive waste down the toilet was served a $2,800 bill for the proper disposal of the waste. Bill Jenness's cat was treated with an injection of radioiodine, which makes cats radioactive for weeks. Jenness decided to throw the cat litter in the waste rather than flushing it, and the resulting radioactive mess triggered alarms at an incinerator in Rochester. The radiation treatment by Radiocat in Waltham, and the cost of disposing the waste, totaled about $5,000...Read More »


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