Insulation Recycling Running Strong, Industry Association Says

Date: October 31, 2002

Source: News Room

In the last decade, manufacturers of fiberglass and slag wool insulation have diverted more than 20 billion pounds of glass and blast furnace slag from America's solid waste stream, according to The North American Insulation Manufacturers Association. NAIMA recently completed its 10th Annual Recycling Survey of its members, which manufacture fiberglass and slag wool insulation. The survey indicates that in the last ten years for which data is available, NAIMA's members have used nearly 9.5 billion pounds of recycled glass and nearly 11 billion pounds of recycled blast furnace slag for the manufacture of fiberglass and mineral wool insulation. Fiberglass insulation products are now made with up to 40 percent recycled glass, and are the largest secondary market for recycled glass containers according to the Glass Packaging Institute. More information:

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