Weekly News Bulletin: Oct. 25-31, 2001


New York City Reviews Allegations of WTC Waste Theft

Authorities in New York are investigating whether criminals have looted the ruins of the World Trade Center, diverting scrap metal still considered evidence in the Sept. 11 attacks. New York Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik has said a Manhattan grand jury is reviewing evidence that organized crime families took tons of steel and other metals to three area landfills, two in New Jersey and one in Long Island, instead of the official site at Fresh Kills on Staten Island. The New York Post recently reported more than 250 tons of crime-scene material was diverted. An estimated 1.2 million tons of rubble resulted from the disaster. Mayor Rudolph Giuliani has said it could take up to a year before the lower Manhattan site, which includes steel beams driven deep into the ground by the buildings' collapse, is completely cleaned up...Read More »



Enviro-energy Corp. Wins Listing on Berlin Stock Exchange

Enviro-Energy Corp. (OTCBB:ENGY; Germany:ENGY.BE) has been accepted for a listing of its shares on the Berlin Stock Exchange, with trading commencing Oct. 25, 2001, under the symbol ENGY.BE. The trading of its stock on this exchange, in addition to its current listing on the Nasdaq OTCBB, will provide greater access to the company for a growing European investor base. Company officials noted that this move is also consistent with several initiatives launched by Enviro-Energy to increase its exposure and operations internationally. The Berlin Exchange is considered the largest exchange in Europe for international listings. Currently, there are more than 10,000 international companies represented, of which approximately 6,000 are American-based companies...Read More »



Kerr-McGee Faces Lawsuits From Small Communities

Residents of Columbus, Miss.; Bossier City, La.; and Avoca, Pa. have filed lawsuits in three different states against Kerr-McGee Corp. (NYSE: KMG). All three are primarily small rural communities, all three have high percentages of ethnic populations, and all have very similar high rates of some of the same types of cancer, birth defects and other serious health problems. All three also host the operation of a Kerr-McGee wood treatment facility in their communities. Kerr-McGee is a worldwide company based in Oklahoma City. Attorneys for the plaintiffs charge that PCP and creosote contamination in all three sites occurred continuously over decades, beginning as early as the 1920s in Bossier City and Columbus, and the 1950s in Avoca...Read More »



Hud Offers $67 Million in Lead Abatement Grants

Housing and Urban Development Secretary Mel Martinez has announced over $67 million in grants aimed at protecting children in low-income households from lead-based paint and other public health and safety hazards. The HUD grants will fund programs in 21 states to eliminate lead hazards in low-income housing, promote educational programs and conduct research. Of the total, $59 million in Lead Hazard Control grants to remove lead hazards from approximately 7,000 privately owned homes in 16 states. In addition, over $8 million in grants will fund local projects under HUD's Healthy Homes Program to address a multitude of health hazards relating to the condition of housing...Read More »



Oahu Is Close to Facing a Landfill Crisis

Oahu has only 18 months, or two years at most, to find another landfill or invest in costly new technologies to avoid a disastrous islandwide garbage crisis. The growing problem at Oahu's only public landfill raises serious questions about residents' willingness to accept landfills in their areas, or to spend money on largely untested and expensive future solutions. However, in an island state, the practical options for dealing with tons of trash are limited. The amount of waste generated on Oahu's Neighbor Islands does not justify the millions of dollars necessary to build a large-scale, waste-to-energy incinerator such as one that exists in Oahu. The cost of shipping garbage can quadruple trucking fees, making it impractical to send waste from an island with a full landfill to another island with plenty of room...Read More »



Ecology & Environment, Inc. Sends Crews to Fight Anthrax

Ecology & Environment, Inc. (Amex: EEI) has provided 20 technical personnel to perform sampling for anthrax in more than 25 Federal buildings in Washington, D.C., including the Capitol and Supreme Court. E & E personnel from several cities around the country were mobilized to the D.C. area. Support from E & E's Corporate Headquarters in Lancaster, N.Y. provided personal protective equipment including respirators, protective suits and sampling equipment. Samples will be sent to the government's laboratory in Bethesda, MD for analysis. The activity was requested and funded by the federal Environmental Protection Agency...Read More »



Versar, Marsh Join Forces to Meet Bio-terrorism Risk

Marsh Inc., a worldwide risk and insurance services firm, and Versar Inc., a provider of counter-terrorism, environmental and related services, have entered into an agreement to provide chemical and bio-terrorism risk assessment and management services to U.S. businesses and government entities. The agreement links Marsh's Crisis Consulting and Business Continuity Management practices with the capabilities of Versar's Homeland Defense division. This combination enables clients to evaluate a spectrum of potential threats, including chemical and bio-terrorism, and take steps necessary to address them...Read More »



Environmental Elements Corporation Joins AEC in Patent Suit

Environmental Elements Corporation (Amex: EEC) has joined American Electric Power (NYSE: AEP) as co-Plaintiff in a lawsuit regarding the "Ammonia from Urea" Patent assigned to EC&C Technologies of Pasadena, Calif. and marketed by Hamon-Research Cottrell of Somerset, N.J. under the U2A tradename. This action has been initiated by AEP against EC&C and Hamon-Research Cottrell to confirm that the AOD technology and ammonia delivery system installed by Environmental Elements Corporation at AEP's Gavin Station facility in Ohio does not infringe upon EC&C's and Hamon-Research Cottrell's competing system in its method of converting urea to ammonia for use on selective catalytic reduction applications...Read More »



Foster Wheeler Subsidiary Agrees to Develop Chilean Coker Project

A subsidiary of Foster Wheeler Ltd. (NYSE:FWC) has signed a letter of intent with Chilean state-run oil company, Empresa Nacional de Petroleo, for the development of a delayed coker project on the site of an existing refinery. The agreement to develop the project valued at $300 million, provides for Foster Wheeler to perform the basic engineering, followed by a second phase to include engineering, procurement and construction. The new coker will be built in Concon, Chile, and will process 20,000 barrels per day of heavy oil to produce petroleum coke. Foster Wheeler's scope of work will also include the building of a 44,000 barrels-per-day diesel and naphtha hydrotreating plant, and units for LPG treatment, amine regeneration, sour water stripping and other miscellaneous equipment. Construction is scheduled to begin in 2002, with operations commencing in 2005...Read More »


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