Kerr-McGee Faces Lawsuits From Small Communities

Date: October 25, 2001

Source: News Room

Residents of Columbus, Miss.; Bossier City, La.; and Avoca, Pa. have filed lawsuits in three different states against Kerr-McGee Corp. (NYSE: KMG). All three are primarily small rural communities, all three have high percentages of ethnic populations, and all have very similar high rates of some of the same types of cancer, birth defects and other serious health problems. All three also host the operation of a Kerr-McGee wood treatment facility in their communities. Kerr-McGee is a worldwide company based in Oklahoma City. Attorneys for the plaintiffs charge that PCP and creosote contamination in all three sites occurred continuously over decades, beginning as early as the 1920s in Bossier City and Columbus, and the 1950s in Avoca.

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