Weekly News Bulletin: Dec. 15-21, 2022


Big Gains in Landfill Disposal Pricing; Up 6% for the Year on Average

The November tipping fee report from Waste Business Journal reveals that landfill pricing is up 5.4 percent for the year so far. The national average is now $62.92 per ton of MSW, up from $59.72 in December 2021. As usual, pricing at privately owned landfills outstripped those that are municipally owned. Pricing at privately owned landfills increased by 6.1 percent to $70.25 per ton. In contrast, prices charged for MSW at municipally owned landfills rose by a more modest 3.9 percent to $50.76 per ton on average. The volume of MSW received by landfills is up 2.6 percent for the year so far...Read More »


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