Weekly News Bulletin: Jun. 30-Jul. 6, 2022


CA Producer Responsibility Bill (SB 54) Now Close to Passing

SB 54, a California state bill signed into law Thursday night, will provide comprehensive changes to the producer responsibility of plastics in the California state economy. According to the bill, it will require producers to reduce single use plastics by 25percent by 2032 as well as recycle 65 percent of plastics by that same year. The bill also outlines a program designed to address the outsized impacts of plastic and chemical pollution in disadvantaged communities, with $500 million dedicated to creating projects to address those issues...Read More »



Waste Industry Trends: Senior Executive Pay Rises, Median Wage Stagnates

In recent years, some of the catchiest headlines across national news outlets have been the often staggeringly large compensation packages of CEOs at Fortune 500 companies. Oftentimes these are contrasted against company layoffs or the "median" employee wage at the same company. When it comes to the biggest players within the waste management industry, these ratios are quite a bit smaller than the national average, but still on an upward trend...Read More »



Canada to Ban Single Use Plastics by 2023

Canada has recently passed legislation that will relatively abruptly remove single use plastics from circulation. The aim of the law is to fully remove single use plastics from circulation and export by the end of 2025, however sales within the country will be halted by 2023...Read More »



A Plastic Wrapped Present: The Journey Ahead for Plastic Recycling Efforts

With constant media coverage of marine plastic pollution, bioaccumulative microplastics in our food, plastic born toxins in the air and many other externalities of our modern resin-based economy, popular and governmental support for regulation has soared. Attention from consumers, regulators and investors has begun to force producers of plastic goods and goods that rely on plastic in their supply chain to adopt more sustainable practices...Read More »



The Climate Conscious Emperor with No Clothes: Scrutiny on Greenwashing

In recent years, consumer and investor demand for sustainable and climate forward products and companies has increased rapidly. To meet this demand, many companies have begun branding themselves and their products as "green" or "environmentally friendly". However, not all companies practice what they preach, and when they fail to live up to the environmental stewardship they promise, they become guilty of what is known as "greenwashing."...Read More »



Georgia Power to Harvest Landfilled Ash

Eco Material Technologies, a leading producer of sustainably sourced cementitious materials and other near zero carbon cement replacement materials, has just announced a partnership with Georgia Power to harvest coal ash that has been sent to landfills, specifically Plant Bowen, to be used for their products...Read More »



Conflict Over Rug Recycling

The industry-run Carpet America Recovery Effort (CARE) has recently ousted two of its board members after said members supported carpet recycling bills in New York and Illinois. This may come as a surprise to many familiar with the organization since CARE was founded on the premise of promoting carpet recycling...Read More »



North Dakota to Allow Radioactive Oil Waste at Landfill

Secure Energy Services, an Alberta based company, was recently given the okay by North Dakota state officials to begin dumping radioactive oil waste at a landfill in Williston, ND. This permit is the first of its kind in North Dakota, as previously oil companies were required to ship oil waste that was contaminated with radioactive waste out of state for disposal...Read More »


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