Weekly News Bulletin: Jun. 24-30, 2021


Waste Firms Pursue NYC Commercial Waste Contracts

New York City's Department of Sanitation (DSNY) said 48 firms provided detailed submissions to part I of the RFP to service the city's newly designated 20 commercial waste zones, each to be served by up to three carters.

Among them are big players like Waste Management and Waste Connections, and regional players like Winters Bros., and Action Carting, a division of Interstate Waste...Read More »



Funds Seeking to Tackle Plastic Wastes Attracting Investors

Circulate Capital (Singapore) and Closed Loop Partners (New York) are raising capital, including from large companies, to back investments working to reduce and recycle plastic waste. They are among a small but growing number of firms investing in companies that contribute to the circular economy, a business model that seeks to eliminate waste that organizations produce, continuously reuse products and materials and regenerate natural systems...Read More »



SEC Wants Companies to Disclose Risks Related to Climate Change

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission appears poised to require public companies to disclose more about climate change related risks to their business. The SEC's new chairman, a Biden appointee, Gary Gensler says such disclosure is a top priority. Some Energy and transportation companies worry that climate disclosures could be misunderstood by investors who lack experience with the data or put too much weight on one factor, such as total greenhouse-gas emissions. At issue is deciding which measurements are necessary to guide investors and how to set requirements that are flexible enough to generate specific, and not generic, information about company risks...Read More »



Maine Poised to Pass EPR Legislation

The state of Maine is poised to become the first state in the union to regulate the packaging of consumer products sold in the state under a program known as extended producer responsibility (EPR). Legislative Document 1541, which recently passed both the House and Senate in the state moves now to the governor's desk. Maine is among several states working on some sort of EPR legislation...Read More »


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