Weekly News Bulletin: Jan. 21-27, 2021


Trucking Demand Amid Driver Shortages Could Lead to Higher Costs

A tight trucking market due to driver shortages could lead to higher recycling and disposal costs. According to freight market research firm FTR Intel, driver shortages exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic will lead to higher freight costs. This will impact the movement of wastes and recyclables...Read More »



More Charges Announced Over Flint Water Crisis

From 2014-2019, Flint, MI was racked by a water crisis that attracted national attention. After the city switched from Detroit water sourced from Lake Huron to water sourced from the Flint river, many residents of the city became exposed to high levels of lead. This was due to the lack of corrosion inhibitors applied to the water, which allowed lead to seep from the aging pipes. In 2019, after possibly 12,000 children had been affected by the crisis, the city finally declared that most of the aging pipes had been replaced by new copper ones, with only a few remaining to excavate. Residents who had been impacted received $641 million in a settlement. Additionally, charges recently have been brought against several state and local officials deemed responsible for the crisis, including former Governor Rick Snyder...Read More »



EPA Delivers Results on PFAS Action Plan

On January 19th, 2021, the EPA announced a new set of actions it will take to continue to pursue the reduction of Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) pollution nationwide. In what is likely one of the largest interagency plans in American history, the EPA has coordinated efforts at the national, state, local and tribal levels to meet the goals it identified earlier. PFAS are a new chemical whose health impacts are still not fully understood, so these actions by the EPA represent an aggressive approach toward regulation...Read More »



Stella Environmental Acquires Central Missouri Transfer

Stella Environmental Holdings, Inc., a Hidden Harbor Capital Partners portfolio company that does transfer station management and municipal waste logistics, recently confirmed that it has purchased Central Missouri Transfer, LLC...Read More »



SK Capital Partners Makes Significant Investment in Lacerta Group

SK Capital, a private equity firm, appears to be making a significant bet on the future of recyclable packaging by becoming a majority shareholder in the privately owned Lacerta Group. Founded by Ali and Mory Lofti in 1993, Lacerta is a firm that focuses on recyclable plastic goods mostly for foods...Read More »


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