Weekly News Bulletin: Sep. 9-15, 2008


Obama Details Climate and Energy Position

Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama recently outlined how he proposes to address climate change if elected. In response to 14 questions posed by a group calling itself "Science Debate 2008" which is asking both major party candidates to address how they would deal with various scientific issues, Mr. Obama laid out some notable details. Among them, is his emphasis on funding nuclear technology development as a top priority which is a departure from his past concerns that new construction should be contingent on addressing waste disposal and proliferation concerns. Among his other policies, he said he would "implement a market-based cap-and-trade system to reduce carbon emissions by the amount scientists say is necessary: 80 percent below 1990 levels by 2050 ... create a Global Energy Forum--based on the G8+5, which includes all G-8 members plus Brazil, China, India, Mexico and South Africa ... create a Technology Transfer Program dedicated to exporting climate-friendlytechnologies, including green buildings, clean coal and advanced automobiles, to developing countries." He pledges to spend $150 billion over the next ten years on "clean energy research."...Read More »



Emerald Waste Acquires Central Florida Collection Routes from Waste Management

Emerald Waste Services (EWS), which is part of WHI Capital Partners, said it had acquired Waste Management Inc. of Florida's collection routes in and around Gainesville, FL, Volusia County, FL as well as areas around Tallahassee, FL. In total, EWS acquired 77 residential and 17 commercial MSW collection routes across 16 municipalities in North and Central Florida. Emerald Waste now services more than 118,000 residential and 27,000 commercial customers in 40 counties across three states. The company owns ten landfills including one of the largest C&D landfills in the Gulf Coast region. In discussing the acquisition, WHI Capital Partners' Managing Partner Adam Schecter said that it "provides us with an ideal revenue mix between MSW and C&D." And, he said "We will continue to aggressively grow this platform both organically as well as through strategic acquisition..."...Read More »



Waste Pro Acquires American Recycling

Waste Pro USA has bought American Recycling of Georgia (ARGA) and American Recycling of Alabama from American Recycling Group, Inc. in an effort to grow its recyclables processing capacity and expertise in the Southeast where the company has been growing rapidly. ARGA President, Adam Glasgow referred to the potential for increased efficiencies by saying the "decision was made as a result of prevailing trends, which involve combining strong collection and processing capabilities geared toward maximum waste reduction achievement."...Read More »



Casella Reports Improved First Fiscal Quarter Earnings

Casella Waste Systems reported first fiscal quarter of 2009 earnings that were higher than last year, in part due to lower costs associated with now discontinued operations. Net income increased to $2.2 million, or $0.08 per share, up from $1.7 million, or $0.07 per share, in the same period ending July 31 of last year. Revenues grew a little more slowly than analysts had expected at 6.3% to $157.9 million from $148.53 last year. Solid waste operations grew by 2.2% while FCR Greenville operations grew by 20.3% but these were offset by declines in the company's GreenFiber joint venture which continues to be hampered by the overall slowdown in the housing market and higher fiber prices. Chief Executive John Casella said it was "a solid operational quarter, with our efforts to improve asset performance offsetting the negative headwinds from a sluggish Northeast economy and rapid increase in diesel prices."...Read More »



New White Paper on Compressed Natural Gas Usage in Refuse Collection Vehicles

WIH Resource Group announced that it has recently completed a white paper entitled "Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Usage in Refuse Collection Vehicles." The study draws upon industry research and analysis of the current use of CNG in refuse collection vehicles by both public sector agencies and private sector service providers throughout the United States. WIH staff surveyed various cities and other private sector companies that currently utilize and operate CNG fleets to better understand their experience and knowledge of initiating and operating such programs. Some of the many important questions were about CNG Engine reliability, engine type, average age of the vehicles and life expectancy, average R&M and operational costs, the reliability of CNG fueling systems, the impact on payload, use of grant funding from the State, EPA and Federal agencies, and the effects of CNG fuels and fueling in cold winter climates and at higher elevations, among others...Read More »



GM to Make Half of its Global Manufacturing Plants Landfill-Free by End of 2010

General Motors Corp. said that half of its 160 major factories worldwide will recycle or reuse nearly all of their waste materials by the end of 2010. Recently, 33 more factories achieved "landfill-free" status, bringing the total to 43 worldwide. To qualify as landfill-free, the factories must recycle more than 96 percent of their waste materials, with the rest being shipped to waste-to-energy facilities. Helping the environment is contributing to the bottom line. Global efforts to recycle scrap metal are already yielding $1 billion in annual revenue. In North America alone, GM expects to generate about $16 million in revenue from the sale of recycled cardboard, wood, oil, plastic and other recycled materials. Over 3 million tons of waste materials will be recycled or reused from GM plants worldwide this year...Read More »



San Francisco Approves Biodiesel Production Facility for City's Food Scraps

San Francisco city Mayor Gavin Newsom announced an ambitious agreement between the Port of San Francisco and Darling International to build a 7.5 million to 10 million annual gallon capacity biodiesel production facility. The facility would allow for the local processing of recycled fats, greases and tallow to biodiesel for use by vehicles. The agreement is part of the larger plan for the city to be carbon neutral while generating zero wastes by 2020 and to reach a 75% recycling rate by 2010. According to Mayor Newsom, "This facility will serve as a model for cities throughout the world who aim to reduce their carbon footprint and transform their grease waste into useable, sustainable energy."...Read More »



Plasco to build 400 TPD Waste Conversion Facility in Red Deer County, Alberta

Plasco Energy Group said it signed a contract to build, own and operate a 400 tonne-per-day (150,000 tonne-per-year) waste conversion facility that will serve the Central Waste Management Commission in Red Deer County, Alberta Canada. The project will be Plasco's first commercial facility and its largest to date, capable of generating about 21 MW of net green electricity. Construction is due to begin early next year. The company has been running a 100 TPD trial facility in Ottawa to demonstrate energy efficiency and environmental performance...Read More »



EPA Introduces New Paper Recycling Website

The US EPA has introduced a new paper recycling website that provides a comprehensive overview of paper recycling in the United States. It includes information about how to initiate paper recycling programs, highlights success stories, and answers frequently asked questions, while covering topics such as paper grades, paper quality and end-use markets and includes links to additional resources...Read More »



New Landfill Gas-to-Energy Project at Greenville County, NC Landfill

A landfill gas to energy project located on the recently closed Enoree Landfill in Greenville County, NC is set to begin operations. Greenville County which owns the landfill, partnered with Greenville Gas Producers, LLC who invested $5 million, Duke Energy Carolinas, LLC which agreed to purchase the power generated, and Blanchard Machinery Company which constructed the project. Two Caterpillar(R) G3520 engines will convert the landfill gas into about 3.2 megawatts of electricity, enough to power 2,000 average-sized homes annually...Read More »


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