Weekly News Bulletin: Feb. 24-Mar. 2, 2006


Pennsylvania Introduces State Mercury Program

Pennsylvania has rolled out a state-specific mercury reduction proposal designed to protect and grow a market share for Pennsylvania's bituminous coal. The proposed rule achieves at least 90 percent mercury reduction by 2015, a reduction nearly 40 percent greater and achieved in less time than under a federal rule. The rule also preserves market share for bituminous coal by presuming compliance for electric generating units that burn 100 percent bituminous coal with advanced air control technologies...Read More »



NSWMA Asks Manufacturers to Step Up For E-Cycling

The National Solid Wastes Management Association has called on manufacturers to take responsibility for the recycling and disposal of electronic waste. The NSWMA has announced that it strongly favors advanced recycling fees or manufacturer responsibility requirements. The NSWMA's new policy delineates the steps manufacturers must take to increase the recyclability of their products, including eliminating hazardous materials from their construction and designing products with disassembly and recycling in mind. In addition, the NSWMA has called on manufacturers to support programs to develop new recycling technologies and end markets, and also improve the use of recycled content in electronic products...Read More »



Cement Plant Uses Solid Waste For Fuel

Holcim Inc.'s Holly Hill, South Carolina cement plant has begun using nonhazardous solid waste as fuel. Holcim, a major global cement supplier, will be using waste that includes plastics, oil absorbents, wood, and paint solids, as a supplement to fossil fuels to power the cement kiln. The materials must have heat values of at least 5,000 BTU...Read More »



RBRC, Kragen Auto Parts Team For Battery Recycling

The Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corp. and Kragen Auto Parts, a subsidiary of CSK Auto Inc., have created a partnership to collect spent rechargeable batteries in Kragen's 490 auto parts stores in California. Kragen is the first auto parts retailer to work with RBRC, which has an estimated 30,000 U.S. and Canadian sites already participating in its program...Read More »



MedServe Acquires Envirosolve LLC

MedServe Inc. of Houston, a medical waste management company, has acquired Envirosolve LLC of Tulsa, Okla. The terms of the acquisition were not disclosed, but MedServe announced that it would add approximately $6.8 million in additional revenue. MedServe was created last year through the merger of Med-Shred Inc. and Enserv LLC, both of which were based in Houston. Envirosolve has facilities and operations in Arizona, California, Colorado, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Oregon...Read More »



Louisiana Agrees To Reduce Katrina Waste Flow to Reopened Landfill

The Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality and the Louisiana Environmental Action Network have settled a lawsuit that the environmental group brought protesting the state's decision to reopen the Old Gentilly Landfill for C&D debris from Hurricane Katrina. Under the settlement, the state will limit daily dumping at the landfill to 5,000 cubic yards of waste, and will study the effects that the landfill could have on the nearby Intracoastal Waterway levee. A recent report commissioned by the Federal Emergency Management Agency suggested that the state could face liability if the site is later designated as an environmental hazard. However, plans are progressing to open a new landfill nearby on property adjacent to the Bayou Sauvage National Wildlife Reserve; the location had previously been rejected as a landfill site...Read More »


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