Weekly News Bulletin: Nov. 17-23, 2005


R.W. Beck Names Malmsjo as Chairman of Board of Directors

The R.W. Beck Group Inc. has announced that Albert B. Malmsjo has been elected Chairman of the Board of Directors of the company. Malmsjo joined R.W. Beck in 1981 as a professional engineer; in addition to his role as Chairman, he will continue to serve as Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer of the firm...Read More »



Los Angeles County Issues $40M in Bonds for Landfill

Los Angeles County supervisors have voted to issue up to $40 million in revenue bonds in order to expand and improve the 505-acre Calabasas Landfill. The county said the improvements are necessary to meet groundwater protection regulations and prepare undeveloped areas for disposal. The landfill has been open since 1961 near Calabasas and serves local cities and unincorporated areas of Los Angeles and Ventura counties. The landfill now can accept 3,500 tons of waste per day, and has an estimated capacity of 9.7 million tons, or 15 to 25 years of capacity...Read More »



BFI Waste Systems Pays Fine for Pennsylvania Dumping

BFI Waste Systems of North America has paid $130,000 for allowing trucks without state authorization stickers to dump waste into the company's landfill in Imperial, near Pittsburgh, according to the Associated Press. The state said BFI allowed at least 65 trucks without proper authorization stickers to dump waste at the company's landfill between March and July of 2005. Under a 2002 state law, haulers must obtain written authorization from the state Department of Environmental Protection and display stickers on their trucks before they can dump waste at landfills. Officials at Allied Waste Industries did not dispute the charges...Read More »



GreenShift Acquires Stake In Air Cycle Corp.

GreenShift Corp. will acquire a 30 percent stake in Air Cycle Corp., a lamp, ballast, battery, and electronics waste recycling company. GreenShift is investing about $350,000 and will provide strategic business development and other services to Air Cycle. Air Cycle offers nationwide recycling products and services through its Bulb Eater product line and EasyPak recycling program...Read More »


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