Weekly News Bulletin: Sep. 15-21, 2005


AER Worldwide Moves Corporate Headquarters

AER Worldwide has moved its corporate headquarters to Fremont, Calif. in order to expand opportunities for customers to use the company's electronic component and asset recovery services. AER's electronic waste stream recycling business provides sorting, destruction, and reporting. The company's new Fremont warehouse now stocks more than 120 million electronic parts, or about 85,000 line items from all major manufacturers...Read More »



ARCA, JACO at Odds over Recycling Patent

Appliance Recycling Centers of America (OTC: ARCI) has received documentation in which JACO Environmental states it will not sue ARCA for violating JACO's recycling patent. However, ARCA alleges that patent was fraudulently obtained, and has filed suit in California charging that JACO's patent covers appliance recycling methods and systems ARCA originally developed beginning in 1987...Read More »



ECC Wins $500M Katrina Cleanup Contract

ECC Operating Services, Inc. has won a $500 million contract from the US Army Corps of Engineers for debris removal in areas affected by Hurricane Katrina. In support of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the USACE awarded four fixed-priced contracts, each worth up to $500 million. ECC Operating Services and two other contractors will perform debris removal in Louisiana, and another contractor will work in Mississippi...Read More »



Casella Purchases Blue Mountain Recycling

Casella Waste Systems, Inc. (Nasdaq: CWST) has acquired Philadelphia-based Blue Mountain Recycling, LLC, which has single stream processing facilities in Philadelphia and Montgomeryville, Pennsylvania. Blue Mountain a long-term, exclusive processing partnership and strategic alliance with RecycleBank LLC, an incentive-based recycling service that gives homeowners credits for recycling which can be used with participating merchants. Casella Waste Systems purchased the equity of Blue Mountain in a transaction that included $15 million in initial consideration...Read More »



Michigan, Dell Work Together To Remove Computers

Michigan's Department of Information Technology has contracted Dell (NASDAQ:DELL) to manage the removal, refurbishment and retirement of computer equipment from state agencies. Dell initially will collect more than 2,000 systems the state is currently storing. The DIT is making the same program available to local governments, schools and other non-profits throughout Michigan...Read More »



Corporate Accountability Removes Waste Management from "Hall of Shame"

Corporate Accountability International has removed Waste Management from its "Hall of Shame," into which the company was "inducted" in 1996. CAI said the company has significantly reduced its lobbying and political spending in Washington, D.C., cutting its lobbying force from 34 in 1996 to six this year and its spending by 50 percent...Read More »


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