Weekly News Bulletin: Sep. 7-13, 2005


SSWM Offers Technology to Clean Up Hurricane-Affected States

Sub Surface Waste Management of Delaware, Inc. (OTC: SSWM) has offered to the states of Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi the free use of its patented water treatment technology, Bio-GAC, for treatment of toxic streams such as those caused by Hurricane Katrina. Bio-GAC uses granular activated charcoal as a filtration medium in a container to support live microbial products which degrade toxic pollutants. The resulting effluent can be safely discharged to waterways...Read More »



Waste Connections Develops Katrina Relief Fund

Waste Connections (NYSE: WCN) has created a victim relief fund to assist, via the American Red Cross, the victims of Hurricane Katrina. Waste Connections established the fund with an initial $100,000 contribution, and will match employee donations to the Red Cross up to $100,000...Read More »



Greenshift Forms Tornado Trash, Waste Stream Reduction Company

Greenshift Corporation (OTC: GSHF) has announced the formation of Tornado Trash Corporation, a development-stage company which will develop green technologies designed to eliminate the need for landfill disposal by converting waste into metals, chemicals, plastics, fuels, and energy. GSHF will license a variety of green technologies to TTC, including the Tornado Generator and Ovation Products' Clean Water Appliance. GSHF intends to take TTC public in the fourth quarter of 2005...Read More »



DuraTherm, PM Recovery Complete Capital Investment

DuraTherm has completed a capital investment transaction with PM Recovery of Texas, Inc. designed to expand DuraTherm's recycling capacity. DuraTherm's plant near Texas City receives and recycles more hazardous waste from petroleum refineries than any other EPA-approved facility. PM Recovery aids in developing recycling pathways for high-temperature materials containing metals such as cobalt, nickel, molybdenum, titanium, vanadium, and precious metals...Read More »



Judge Considers Latest Challenge to San Diego Landfill Proposal

A California Superior Court Judge is considering legal challenges to an environmental impact report for the proposed Gregory Canyon Landfill in San Diego County, Calif. In a tentative ruling, the judge determined that there were significant flaws in the report, primarily in regard to the landfill's proximity to water sources and historical sites. The lawsuit, one of many filed against the proposal, contends that the environmental impact report does not adequately address the possibility of environmental problems at the site. Attorneys for the landfill developer contend that because the landfill was approved by county voters via ballot measure in 1994, it is exempt from the county's regulations stipulating that landfills cannot be within 1,000 feet of historic sites or 200 feet of aquifers...Read More »



Headwaters Reports Record Fly Ash Sales

Headwaters Incorporated has reported sales of a record 69,670 tons of fly ash from Great River Energy's Coal Creek Station in Underwood, N.D. in August 2005. A major portion of that fly ash replaces a portion of Portland cement in concrete production. Fly ash advocates note that the ash provides a savings of $375,000 tons in landfill disposal costs for every 100,000 tons of ash used in making concrete products, plus a reduction of 1.0 to 1.1 tons of greenhouse gases for each ton of fly ash used as a cement replacement...Read More »


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