Weekly News Bulletin: Aug. 31-Sep. 6, 2005


Reuters: Hurricane A Long-Term Benefit for Waste Companies

A Reuters report indicates that analysts believe Hurricane Katrina will be a long-term boon for waste services companies. The companies are currently concentrating on locating staffs and assessing damage to facilities, and will have to replace equipment and repair damaged facilities. But when cleanup begins, haulers are likely to see a significant spike in waste at landfills, both from debris and new construction. Analysts believe that hazardous and environmental waste removal companies could see a more immediate boost as their expertise will be needed in flood-ravaged areas. Analysts have also cautioned that rainfall on landfills could take time to extract. Cleanup in Florida from four hurricanes added a 2 to 3 percent increase in volumes at many waste companies last year; Waste Management (www.wm.com) alone saw approximately $100 million in hurricane-related revenue in 2004...Read More »



Mexico Proposes Reduced Taxes on Reusable Beer Bottles

Mexico has proposed taxing beer sold in reusable bottles at a lower rate than that in effect for disposable cans and bottles. The proposal is a bid to force brewers Modelo and Femsa to sell more environmentally-friendly products. The government would tax beer served in reusable bottles, such as Modelo's Corona and Femsa's Carta Blanca, at a rate 72 percent below that of disposable bottles and cans. Beer produced or imported into Mexico would be taxed at a rate of 3 pesos (about 28 cents) per liter, but beer sold in reusable bottles would be taxed at a rate of only 1.74 pesos per liter. The proposal still must be passed by a Congress that has, in the past, blocked some tax proposals from President Vicente Fox...Read More »



Waste Connections Makes Several Western Acquisitions

Waste Connections has signed or closed acquisitions in the third quarter with total annualized revenue of roughly $32 million, bringing the total for the current year to roughly $50 million in acquisitions. The companies include Mountain Jack Environmental Services, the largest privately held solid waste services company in Idaho and Wyoming, and Waste Management Inc.'s collection operations in Vancouver, Wash...Read More »



Allied Waste Creates $1M Relief Fund for Katrina

In an effort to aid in the Katrina crisis, Allied Waste has created an employee relief fund with a $1.1 million initial commitment, including a $100,000 commitment by CEO John Zillmer. The company has also deployed corporate and field leaders to aid in operational cleanup efforts in the area, and has sent rolloff trucks and more than 800 containers to the Gulf Coast...Read More »



Laidlaw Continues To Redevelop Buffalo Renewable Energy Plant

Laidlaw Energy Group has completed several milestones in the development of its Buffalo, N.Y.-area renewable energy project. The project will convert a natural gas-fueled cogeneration plant into one that will solely utilize a renewable fuel source, clean wood chips. The project, which provides about 7 megawatts of electricity, has a long-term power purchase agreement with Niagara Mohawk Power Corporation, with approximately 16 years remaining...Read More »



R.W. Beck Names Edward Wetzel EVP of Water and Waste Resources

R.W. Beck has announced the promotion of Edward Wetzel to Executive Vice President of Water and Waste Resources. Wetzel will replace Russell J. Stepp, who will become the new President/CEO of R.W. Beck. Previously, Wetzel served as East Coast Director of WWR...Read More »


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