Weekly News Bulletin: Jul. 15-21, 2005


Alabama Legislature Will Focus on Landfill Financial Responsibility

Alabama Gov. Bob Riley has asked the state Legislature to consider a bill that would require every landfill operator in the state to prove financial ability to maintain and close the landfill. The governor hopes to prevent the federal Environmental Protection Agency from taking over that aspect of the state's solid waste program. However, the state does not have the authority to require financial assurance; the enforcement is left to citizen lawsuits. Federal law requires that every state have such an enforcement rule, but until recently had not focused on the Alabama Department of Environmental Management...Read More »



General Environmental Management Unveils Brownfields Division

General Environmental Management, Inc. (OTC BB: GEVM.OB) has announced the formation of GEM Brownfield Redevelopment, a division focusing on the beneficial reuse of lightly contaminated industrial properties. The division will identify contaminated industrial properties and prepare the land for reuse. Company officials note that in California alone, where the company is based, there are an estimated 100,000 brownfield sites with a market value of billions of dollars...Read More »



BioteQ Unveils New, Cleaner Mine Remediation Technology

BioteQ Environmental Technologies Inc. of Vancouver has begun using a new method of cleanup of seepage from abandoned mine sites. The company's process purifies contaminated mine water while extracting metals such as copper, nickel, and zinc. Typical cleanups use lime to address acid rock drainage from mines; while the water is cleaned to government standards, the process also results in the creation of potentially hazardous sludge BioteQ uses hydrogen sulfide in its treatment plants, removing metal ions from the drainage which can be formed into salable metal sulfide products. Clean water results with no or limited sludge...Read More »



New Mexico Supreme Court Asks State to Reevaluate Chaparral Landfill Permit

The New Mexico Supreme Court (www.supremecourt.nm.org) has revoked the state Environment Department's (www.nmenv.state.nm.us) order permitting Rhino Environmental Services (www.rhinoservices.net) to establish a landfill near Chaparral. The court noted that it does not necessarily suggest that the state reach a different conclusion, but requires the concerns of the local community be taken into consideration in making the final decision. The landfill would take an estimated 85,000 tons of household and commercial waste per year...Read More »



Salt Lake City Conference Will Address CHP Solutions for Landfills

The Intermountain Combined Heat and Power Center in Salt Lake City is hosting a workshop on "CHP and Bioenergy for Landfills and Wastewater Treatment Plants" on August 11th in Salt Lake City. The workshop is free for municipal, special district, water/wastewater, and landfill employees. The how-to workshop is designed to give landfill and wastewater treatment plant owners information necessary to determine if CHP is appropriate for their facilities. Sponsors include the U.S. Department of Energy, the federal EPA, Chevron Energy Solutions, Smith Detroit Diesel Allison, RealEnergy, and Questar Gas...Read More »


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