Weekly News Bulletin: May 18-24, 2005


Aluminum Can Recycling Increases for First Time Since 1997

The Aluminum Association (www.aluminum.org), Can Manufacturers Institute (www.cancentral.com), and Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (www.isri.org) has released statistics indicating that both consumers and the can recycling industry recycled 51.5 billion aluminum cans in 2004, representing a recycling rate of 51.2 percent. This marks a 1.2 percent increase over the 2003 rate, and is the first increase since 1997. The aluminum beverage can is the most recycled consumer beverage container in America, and boasts more than twice the recycling rate for beverage packages of other materials...Read More »



Smallplanet Rolls out New Disposable Diaper Recycling Program

smallplanet, a subsidiary of KnoWaste LLC (www.knowaste.com) based in Mississauga, Canada, will be rolling out its disposable diaper recycling program at the BabyTime Parenting Show in Toronto this weekend. In the summer of 2005, smallplanet will expand its current baby supply home delivery service to provide convenient diaper recycling in the Toronto metropolitan area. The company noted that every baby generates approximately one ton of dirty diapers by the time the baby reaches potty-training age...Read More »



Pennsylvania Awards Grants for Major Tire Cleanup

The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection has awarded $1.3 million to the Recycling Environmental Group and Carbon Services Corp. to help clean up the state's largest waste tire pile. The Starr Tire Pile in Columbia County's Greenwood Township contains an estimated six million tires. The state General Assembly had appropriated $6.8 million in the 2004-05 budget for the cleanup of scrap tires, including $2 million specifically dedicated to the Starr Tire Pile...Read More »



Adventus Americas Inc. Guarantees Remediation

Adventus Americas Inc. has announced the remediation marketplace's only codified performance guarantee for its patented Daramend and Terramend technologies. Combined, the technologies have cleaned more than 800,000 tons of soil contaminated with a variety of toxins. The company will guarantee cleanup results to a specific remedial goal within a given time frame...Read More »



Ecology & Environment Wins Contract for Manhattan Terminal

Ecology and Environment, Inc. (AMEX: EEI) has received $2.3 million in environmental support work for the $261 million project of the South Ferry Terminal in New York City's Battery Park. The contract will last approximately 27 months, and will include developing plans for noise monitoring, erosion and sediment control, remediation, waste management, and oversight...Read More »



Waste Services, Waste Management Name New Executives

Waste Services Inc. (www.wsiwaste.com) has named Mark A. Pytosh as chief financial officer, replacing Ronald Rubin. Waste Management Inc. (www.wm.com) has named Lynn C. Brown the Vice President of Corporate Communications, responsible for internal, external, and online communications for the company...Read More »


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