Weekly News Bulletin: May 4-10, 2005


Texas Senate Seeks To Restrict Incoming Radioactive Waste

The Texas Senate (www.senate.state.tx.us) has passed legislation allowing the state to tax certain types of radioactive waste shipped into the state for disposal. The bill came in response to congressional legislation that permits tons of waste at a former uranium processing facility at Fernald, Ohio, making the waste eligible for storage at low-level sites such as one in Andrews County, Texas. Waste Control Specialists (www.wcstexas.com), owner of the Andrews County facility, has won a contract to store at least some of the waste, and is seeking permanent disposal of the waste...Read More »



Vermont Strengthens Mercury Protection Law

Vermont has enacted a law designed to reduce the state's mercury pollution. The law will ban the sale of numerous mercury-containing products, such as thermometers, barometers, and neon-type signs. The new law adds additional restrictions to a 1998 mercury law, and will be phased in over 2006 and 2007...Read More »



New York City Signs Landmark Pesticide Law

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has signed into law legislation that requires the city to phase out by November 2006 pesticides that are acutely toxic or known or suspected carcinogens. The city must also develop strategies to use less toxic methods of pest control on city property. Environmental groups praised the city's action, saying it will protect the largest single group of people in the country from toxic pesticides...Read More »



S&P Changes Republic Services Outlook

Standard & Poor's (www.standardandpoors.com) has changed its outlook on Republic Services Inc. (www.republicservices.com) to "stable" from "positive." The change was made as a result of the company's more aggressive financial policy, which includes a $500 million stock repurchase program over 2005 and 2006. The company's corporate rating is now BBB-plus, the third-lowest investment grade rating...Read More »



Washington State Matches California Emission Standards

Washington State has approved legislation that adopts California's emission standards, including future caps on greenhouse gas emissions. Cars and light trucks sold in the state in the future must meet stricter exhaust standards. California will phase in caps on greenhouse emissions beginning with the 2009 model year; by 2016, officials estimate greenhouse gas emissions would be 30 percent less...Read More »



Pennsylvania Provides $3.7M in Recycling Grants

The state of Pennsylvania is providing more than $3.7 million in recycling performance grants to 210 communities based on their 2003 recycling efforts. The state Department of Environmental Protection (www.dep.state.pa.us) gives grants based on recycling rates; the grants are funded by the state's $2 per ton fee at state landfills...Read More »


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