Weekly News Bulletin: Mar. 30-Apr. 5, 2005


WCA Waste Acquires Several North Carolina Properties

WCA Waste Corporation (Nasdaq: WCAA) has completed the acquisition of two landfills, two transfer stations, and two MRFs from MRR Southern, LLC. The acquisitions will expand WCA's presence in the Raleigh/Durham and Winston-Salem/Greensboro, N.C. markets. WCA Waste's operations now consist of seventeen landfills, fifteen transfer stations, two MRFs, and twenty collection operations throughout the South and Midwest...Read More »



Waste Industries Restates FY2004 Earnings

Waste Industries USA Inc. has announced that fiscal 2004 earnings were $1.4 million below previous statements due to an accounts receivable problem with a major customer. The company will report net income of $11.8 million, or 96 cents per share, for the year ended Dec. 31, down from $13.2 million or 97 cents a share. The company became aware of the circumstance late in the preparation of its 10-K. and has asked for a filing extension from the Securities and Exchange Commission...Read More »



New Hampshire Co-Op Seeks New Landfill

The Concord (N.H.) Regional Solid Waste/Resource Recovery Cooperative has proposed establishing a 295-acre, $9.4 million landfill in Canterbury. The 27-town cooperative currently trucks its trash to the Wheelabrator Technologies Inc. incinerator in Penacook. The co-op is negotiating with Wheelabrator on a 10-year extension of the current arrangement, which expires in 2009. The Canterbury facility would provide a long-term solution once the current disposal site for landfill ash closes down in 2019...Read More »



Air Force Demanding Landfill Cleanup from Tennessee County

The U.S. Air Force (www.af.mil) is demanding that Coffee County, Tenn. (www.coffeecountytn.org), and its cities to pay millions of dollars to clean up the county's former landfill, which is located on the property of Arnold Air Force Base. The military says the county and the cities of Manchester and Tullahoma dumped hazardous materials in the now-closed landfill during the 17 years it was open. County leaders say they have done all the cleanup work that was asked of them, including supplying public water service to area residents because of groundwater pollution...Read More »



Kansas Legislature Passes Methane Exemption Legislation

The Kansas House of Representatives has passed legislation designed to exempt aspects of landfill gas from taxation. The bill would provide a personal property tax exemption for the equipment used to retrieve and transport methane, and would exempt the gas itself from taxation. If signed by Gov. Kathleen Sebelius (www.ksgovernor.org), the law would provide exemptions retroactive to tax year 2002...Read More »



Berkeley Establishes Zero Waste Goals

The Berkeley (Calif.) City Council has officially established one of the nation's first Zero Waste Goals. The council's resolution adopts a 75 percent waste reduction goal for 2010, and establishes a Zero Waste Goal for 2020. Zero Waste combines aggressive resource recovery with industrial redesign to eliminate the entire concept of waste. Berkeley had the nation's first solid waste management plan that included separating waste from recyclable materials in the home, and in the early 1980s the city passed one of the nation's first bans on incineration...Read More »


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