Weekly News Bulletin: Dec. 15-21, 2004


Michigan Sees Little Compliance With Out-of-State Waste Law

Michigan Department of Environmental Quality officials have conceded that they are having difficulty tracking imported waste into the state. A law took effect in October forcing out-of-state waste to comply with Michigan standards, but only six communities that ship waste into the state have filed paperwork certifying the compliance of their waste. At least 25 Michigan landfills accept outside waste, and the state ranks third behind Pennsylvania and Virginia in total out-of-state waste accepted, with 5.2 million tons in 2003...Read More »



Baldwin County, Ala. Sees Benefit From Hurricane Debris Cleanup

Baldwin County, Ala. took a direct hit from Hurricane Ivan in September. Since then, the county's four landfills have generated more than $10 million in revenues, all but about $650,000 of which came as a result of the storm. That figure is more than the county's landfills made in the past two fiscal years combined. According to Federal Emergency Management Agency figures, Ivan generated about 3.7 million cubic yards of debris in Baldwin County, with another 2.2 million total in Mobile and Escambia counties...Read More »



Tetra Tech Finishes Evaluation Of Accounting Adjustments

Tetra Tech Inc. (NASDAQ: TTEK) has largely completed an evaluation of accounting adjustments as a result of legal proceedings. In December 2002, a Washington County Court in Bartlesville, Okla. rendered a judgment for $4.1 million and legal fees against Tetra Tech in a contract with Horsehead Industries. The accounting adjustments are not expected to adversely impact Tetra Tech's fiscal 2004 results...Read More »



Minnesota Will Host Turkey Manure Power Plant

Fibrominn, a subsidiary of power plant builder Homeland Renewable Energy, LLC of Boston, is building a power plant in Benson, Minnesota that will burn 90 percent turkey dung and create clean power for 55,000 homes. This will be the first large-scale plant of its type in the United States and the largest in the world. The 55-megawatt plant will burn 700,000 tons of dung a year and produce fertilizer as a byproduct. Utility Xcel has agreed to purchase the turkey power...Read More »



California Waste Board Approves San Diego County Landfill Permit

The California Integrated Waste Management Board has approved a solid waste permit for San Diego County's Gregory Canyon landfill, a major milestone in the 10-year development of the facility. The landfill now only requires permits from the air and water quality agencies. The facility will allow northern San Diego County to dispose of waste locally instead of continuing to ship waste to the city of San Diego or to Arizona...Read More »



Republic Settles Wisconsin Landfill Charges

Republic Services has agreed to pay $475,000 to settle an environmental enforcement lawsuit filed against it by the Wisconsin Department of Justice. The state had accused the company of numerous solid and hazardous waste violations at the Kestrel Hawk Recycling and Disposal Facility in Racine County. The lawsuit included a variety of alleged operational violations between 2000 and 2002...Read More »



Waste Management Looks To Expand California Landfill

Waste Management is seeking to nearly double the capacity of its Marin County, Calif. landfill, and could begin accepting all of Sonoma County, Calif.'s waste as well. The company wants to increase by 15 million cubic yards the amount of waste it can accept at the Redwood Landfill in Novato, a move that would add at least 12 years of life to the landfill. Currently, the facility, which takes waste from throughout Northern California, is expected to fill by 2019...Read More »


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