Weekly News Bulletin: Aug. 18-24, 2004


Canadian Court Halts Review Of Bennett Environmental

A Canadian court has halted an environmental review into the operation of Bennett Environmental Inc.'s (Toronto:BEV.TO) new Belledune, New Brunswick soil treatment facility. The Federal Court overturned a decision announced in mid-June by the federal environment minister that a panel be formed to investigate the impact of a soil contamination treatment plant in Eastern Canada. The company's stock fell by nearly a quarter in July after the company announced it would not start operations at Belledune because a key customer, the Federal Creosote site in New Jersey, cut soil shipments by one-third. Bennett later revealed that it faced a class action lawsuit over the revised Federal Creosote contract, alleging that Bennett made "material misrepresentations and omissions of material facts" regarding the deal...Read More »



CH2M Hill Reaches Hanford Cleanup Milestone

CH2M Hill Hanford Group has completed the removal of more than 3 million gallons of pumpable liquids from the single-shell underground radioactive waste storage tanks on the U.S. Department of Energy's Hanford Site in Washington State. The milestone marks the end of the field work portion of the project, a point reached five months ahead of schedule. Some of the aging single-shell tanks date back to the beginning of the Manhattan Project, and as many as 67 are suspected of leaking up to a million gallons of waste into the surrounding soil...Read More »



Public Interest Group Calls IRS On Environmental Charities

Public Interest Watch has called for an Internal Revenue Service investigation of some of the nation's top environmental charities in the country. The request was made after a PIW report on executive compensation found that at least two major environmental non-profits, Natural Resources Defense Council and Environmental Defense, paid their executives six-figure salaries while publicly seeking contributions. The report, entitled "Executives at Environmental Charities Go (For The) Green," follows a recent IRS enforcement action on executive compensation at nonprofit charitable organizations...Read More »



General Environmental Acquires Prime Environmental

General Environmental Management, Inc., an environmental and remediation solutions company, has completed the acquisition of Prime Environmental Services, Inc. General Environmental Management, Inc. is a fully integrated environmental company with a General Engineering - Hazardous Substance Removal License providing waste transport, emergency response, remediation oversight, and environmental compliance software...Read More »



Missouri DNR Announces 45 Percent Recycling Rate

The Missouri Department of Natural Resources has announced that the state is diverting an estimated 45 percent of its waste out of landfills. For the past 14 years, the DNR has provided grants and information designed to help create and sustain recycling initiatives across the state. Over the last 14 years, the number of Missouri communities with recycling collection services has increased from 68 to 410, while communities with yard waste recycling programs grew from 127 to 333. The DNR estimates that in 2003, each Missouri resident threw away 1.09 tons of waste, down from 1.33 tons per person in 1990. However, the total amount of waste the state generated grew from 10.9 million tons in 2002 to 11.2 million tons in 2003...Read More »



Salinas Valley, Calif. Looks For Possible Landfill Sites

Several property owners in San Lucas, California have been served with legal notices seeking access to their land by engineers from the Salinas Valley Solid Waste Authority. The authority is seeking locations for a potential new landfill. The agency is facing a time crunch because its landfills are nearing capacity. The Crazy Horse Landfill in northern Monterey County is expected to be full in six years. At that point, landfill operations would be moved to the existing Johnson Canyon Landfill near Gonzales, but that site is expected to reach capacity within the next 20 years...Read More »



Wisconsin AG Files Suit Against City Over Landfill Records

Wisconsin Attorney General Peg Lautenschlager has filed suit against the city of Rhinelander, charging that the city violated state open records laws when it declined to release specifics of a settlement with an insurance company over the cost of cleaning up a landfill. The city refused to release the details of the agreement to local news organizations. The agreement was signed in February with General Casualty Insurance Co., and included a no-release clause. City officials said releasing the agreement could jeopardize ongoing negotiations with other companies involved with the landfill settlement...Read More »



BFI Seeks Reclassification of Louisiana Leachate

Browning-Ferris Industries Waste Systems of Louisiana has asked the state Department of Environmental Quality to reclassify landfill leachate from hazardous waste to solid waste. According to DEQ officials, the request, for leachate at the Colonial Landfill in Sorrento, marks the first of its kind in the state. The company noted in its written appeal that "Listed hazardous wastes can be delisted through a rule-making process if it can be demonstrated that the waste does not exhibit hazardous characteristics and does not pose a significant risk to human health and the environment as determined by EPA risk criteria."...Read More »


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