Weekly News Bulletin: Jul. 1-7, 2004


California Delays E-Waste Fee Rollout

California has decided to delay the rollout of its groundbreaking electronics fee program in order to give state agencies more time to develop collection systems. The system was scheduled to begin on July 1, but Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has delayed the launch of the recycling fee-expected to raise $50 million a year to recycle electronics-until Nov. 1. The state has not yet completed a computerized collection system, forcing lawmakers to implement the postponement. Last year, California lawmakers passed legislation that will levy a $6 to $10 recycling fee, the first of its kind in the nation, on every computer monitor, laptop, or television sold in California...Read More »



Washington Superior Court Overturns Landfill Rejection

A Washington State Superior Court judge has overruled Clark County commissioners' rejection of a proposed landfill and recycling center near Vancouver. But the final fate of the East County Reclamation Center remains in limbo, as a challenge of the project's environmental impact statement is before Washington's Court of Appeals. The judge ruled that county commissioners exceeded their authority when they overturned a hearings examiner's rulings that would have permitted the development of the construction and demolition debris landfill. The commission denied the project because it believed the landfill would discourage development necessary to meet the goals of Clark's 20-year growth plan...Read More »



Mass. Town Floats Unique Landfill Expansion Idea

Taunton, Mass. city councilors are considering floating balloons at 40, 60, and 80 feet above the city's 160-foot-tall landfill to give residents some perspective of how high an expansion could range. Waste Management, the facility's operator, has proposed an 80-foot expansion; the facility will close in June 2006 without expansion. If the facility does close down, the city will pay approximately $4.5 million per year to ship waste to an outside facility...Read More »



Micro Bio-Medical Waste Acquires Hawaii Facility

Micro Bio-Medical Waste Systems Inc. (OTCBB: MBWS) has reached an agreement to acquire a waste reduction system based in Hawaii from Crown Partners Inc. for $550,000. The acquisition is scheduled to be completed on or before July 20, 2004. The company hopes to use the facility to accept waste from medical waste across the globe...Read More »



American Ecology Sells Oak Ridge To Toxco

American Ecology Corporation (NASDAQ: ECOL) (www.americanecology.com) has completed the sale of its discontinued low-level radioactive waste processing facility in Oak Ridge, Tennessee to Toxco Inc. (www.toxco.com), of Anaheim, California. Toxco received all of the facility's land, buildings, equipment and licenses, plus $1.65 million in cash, in exchange for assuming all environmental obligations, including closure and decommissioning responsibility. American Ecology acquired the Oak Ridge low-level radioactive waste processing facility in 1994; all customer waste was removed from the facility by July 2003...Read More »



Dell Offers More E-Waste Recycling Grants

Dell (Nasdaq: DELL) has offered an additional $220,000 in grant money to support computer recycling events in the fall of 2004. Dell will award a series of $10,000 grants to select state, provincial and local governments, universities and other non-profit groups. A spring program, which awarded $10,000 grants to 12 organizations, resulted in the collection of more than 800 tons of unwanted computer equipment were collected in communities from Alaska to South Carolina...Read More »


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