Weekly News Bulletin: May 25-31, 2004


Louisiana Senate Approves Bill To Block Landfill

Louisiana's Senate has approved a bill designed to block a controversial landfill in St. Helena Parish. The bill would prevent the state from permitting any landfill in St. Helena that would take industrial waste from outside the parish. Opponents of the bill have warned that the landfill's developer, MRR Southern of Greensboro, N.C., has already spent $2 million on the project, and could file suit over the legislation. In a move to ease opposition to the bill, supporters set a 2012 expiration date on the proposed out-of-parish ban...Read More »



Startech Announces Plasma Converter Upgrades

Startech Environmental Corporation (OTC: STHK) has announced its new Plasma Converter System for the destruction of MSW. According to the company, the new system integrates an automatic metal recovery system operating before the Plasma Converter, as well as a hydrogen recovery system and an electrical power generation system after the Converter, allowing customers to process MSW at a net zero dollars per ton. Company officials say that a 2,000-ton-per-day system could net a city more than $10 per ton by recovering metals and hydrogen from its MSW...Read More »



American Ecology Subsidiary Wins Corps of Engineers Contract Renewal

American Ecology Corporation (Nasdaq: ECOL) has announced that the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers will renew subsidiary US Ecology Idaho's contract to treat and dispose of low-activity radioactive and hazardous wastes through June 2009. The Corps originally contracted with Envirosafe Services of Idaho in 1999; American Ecology purchased ESOI in 2001 and changed its name to US Ecology Idaho. The facility, located in Grand View, Idaho, has disposed of clean-up waste from thirteen sites under the contract...Read More »



Ford Sues U.S. Over War-Related Cleanup Costs

Ford Motor Co. (NYSE: F) has filed suit against the federal government, seeking compensation for the cleanup of hazardous waste at a Michigan plant that built military equipment during World Wars I and II. The lawsuit notes that the government used Ford's Rouge manufacturing complex near Detroit to build boats, aircraft, tanks, and other items. In addition, the government supplied the raw materials, which contained hazardous substances, that were used in the manufacture of the military equipment. General Motors and DuPont Co. have also sued the federal government for cleanup costs arising from wartime production...Read More »



Arcadis Wins Potential $200M Corps of Engineers Contract

Arcadis (NASDAQ: ARCAF) has been selected by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers' Omaha District for an environmental remediation services contract, for a period of three years with a two-year additional option, and a maximum value of $200 million. Services will include regulatory closure through environmental remediation, including construction and engineering services...Read More »



Oregon Landfill Tests Show Chromium In Groundwater

Groundwater tests at the Knott Landfill in Deschutes County, Oregon have revealed higher-than-normal levels of chromium, a discovery that has emboldened opponents of the landfill's planned expansion. The state Department of Environmental Quality is investigating the landfill, but says the chromium likely derives from the stainless steel pumping equipment used to draw water out of 680-foot-deep test wells...Read More »



Oswego County, N.Y. Receives Funding For Landfill Closure

Oswego County, N.Y. has received $3.4 million from the state Department of Environmental Conservation to aid in the closure of the Volney Landfill. The site, which opened in 1969, was originally operated by a consortium of towns, and later the county. The facility closed in 1983, and could contain drums of incinerated chemical sludges. The county has spent several million dollars capping the landfill and installing leachate collection systems...Read More »


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