Weekly News Bulletin: Mar. 31-Apr. 6, 2004


Out-of-state Waste Falls, But Pennsylvania Still Leads Nation

Even though the amount of waste imported into Pennsylvania fell by more than a million tons in 2003, the state still remains the nation's largest trash importer, according to the state Department of Environmental Protection. After more than ten years of increases, 2003 marked the second straight year in which the amount of the state's imported waste declined. The DEP report indicates that approximately 25.4 million tons of waste were dumped in roughly 50 landfills or burned in five incinerators in the state last year. Of that total, waste from in-state sources rose 5 percent to 14.8 million tons, an all-time high. Trash imports fell to about 10.6 million tons, 10 percent lower than in 2002 and 16 percent lower than the peak in 2001 of 12.6 million tons...Read More »



Ontario Abandons Landfill Plan, Pushes For 60 Percent Recycling

Ontario's government has abandoned a controversial plan to convert an old mine into a landfill and instead is embracing plans to recycle 60 percent of the province's waste by 2008. The move comes as Toronto and Michigan stand at odds over the shipment of Canadian waste into the United States. Parish officials determined that the proposal to dump waste into the abandoned open-pit mine was too controversial and too expensive to ever implement properly. The province already is bearing a $5.6 billion deficit, and further expenditures were determined to be unacceptable...Read More »



Georgia Court Finds Landfill Operated For Decades Without Permit

The Georgia Court of Appeals has ruled that a 38-acre Henry County construction landfill owned by a former county commissioner has operated without a permit for more than two decades. The court has remanded the case back to Henry County Superior Court to determine if the facility should close. A county superior court judge found that the landfill was protected by a grandfather clause under zoning guidelines, but the state appeals court overturned the ruling, finding no proof that the landfill had been operational before the county's zoning guidelines were created in 1973. The landfill has become a lucrative operation as Henry County has become the nation's third-fastest-growing county...Read More »



Environmentalists Join Suit Over Wichita C&D Landfill

The ongoing dispute over the possible closure of a construction landfill on the banks of the Arkansas River in Wichita now has a third legal party. The Sierra Club and a local neighborhood association have filed suit to try to shut down the landfill, contending a City Council decision to permit it was illegal because the facility is too close to the river. But attorneys for the landfill operator, Cornejo and Sons Inc., say public access to the river would not be affected. The landfill sits on city land, and now stands at the center of three lawsuits, two trying to shut it down and one to keep it open. The environmentalists also filed suit against the Kansas Department of Environmental Health. Cornejo also filed suit against KDHE, arguing the state wrongly denied an extension of the state permit to keep the landfill open. The landfill is currently open pending trial...Read More »



TSP Seeks Alternate Means To Site Texas Landfill

TSP Development of Kingwood has sought since 1995 to construct an industrial nonhazardous landfill on property in Chambers County, and may have found a way to acquire the site despite being in bankruptcy. The company has made a tentative agreement to purchase the 800-acre site from USX Corp. of Pittsburgh and simultaneously sell it to a Denver-based real estate company in exchange for an option to purchase it again within two years. TSP had filed a permit application for the construction of the landfill in 1996 with the former Texas Natural Resources Conservation Commission, now the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality...Read More »



Northrop Grumman Wins Eighth California WRAP Award

For the eighth consecutive year, the California Integrated Waste Management Board has named Northrop Grumman Corp.'s (NYSE: NOC) El Segundo site a winner in the agency's 2003 Waste Reduction Awards Program. The WRAP honors businesses for lowering the amount of trash they produce. Last year, the El Segundo facility recycled more than 1,800 tons of material, including paper, steel, cardboard, wood, toner cartridges, computers, plastic and glass. The effort resulted approximately $108,000 in revenue and cost savings for the company...Read More »



PDG Environmental Acquires Assets Of PT&L Contracting

PDG Environmental, Inc. (OTC BB: PDGE), has acquired certain assets and operations of PT&L Contracting, a Paramus, New Jersey-based asbestos, lead and mold remediation company. PDG Environmental, Inc., is an environmental and specialty contractor providing asbestos and lead abatement, insulation, microbial remediation and demolition and related services. Terms of the acquisition were not disclosed...Read More »


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