Weekly News Bulletin: Mar. 24-30, 2004


EPA Revises RD&D Criteria For Landfills

The U.S. EPA has issued a final rule revising the Criteria for Municipal Solid Waste Landfills allowing states to issue research, development, and demonstration permits for new and existing landfills and expansions. The rule allows states to provide variances from certain landfill regulations, as long as the variances do not increase risks to human health or the environment. The EPA hopes to promote alternative landfill technologies through the rule, which takes effect on April 21, 2004...Read More »



J.P. Morgan Chase Establishes Office of Environmental Affairs

J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. (NYSE: JPM) has established a new Office of Environmental Affairs in order to focus corporate efforts on the environment and individual communities. The office will be headed by Amy Hayes Davidsen. As Director of the office, Davidsen will help establish global policies and procedures for JP Morgan Chase regarding environmental issues, including the company's role as an environmentally sensitive corporate citizen. JP Morgan Chase has operations in more than 50 countries and assets of $771 billion...Read More »



ReCellular Increases Wireless Dropoff Locations Nationwide

ReCellular Inc., a buyer, seller, and recycler of used cell phones, pagers, and PDAs, is expanding its retail recycling program across the country. The company will establish more than 10,000 dropoff points in stores such as Best Buy, Sprint PCS and Verizon Wireless, with all locations accessible at www.wirelessrecycling.com. ReCellular offers a variety of solutions for retail organizations to drive recycling...Read More »



New Nashville Law Could Complicate Landfill Permitting Process

A new Nashville, Tenn. City Council bill designed to protect local residents from unwanted landfills in their area could have the unintended effect of creating two conflicting approval processes. As now written, Nashville's Municipal Solid Waste Region Board votes on permit applications based on the council's approved Solid Waste Plan. But the new law would require further council approval before a state permit could be issued for landfills. The council now approves landfills based on their compliance with the Solid Waste Plan, and may not necessarily take into account whether the hosting region wants the facility...Read More »



Louisiana Landfill Dispute Moves To Legislature

An ongoing dispute over the siting of a landfill in Louisiana's St. Helena Parish has moved to the state Capitol with the opening of the state Legislature. A St. Helena Parish representative has prefiled legislation that would restrict any landfill built in the parish to receive only in-parish waste. MRR St. Helena LLC has proposed a landfill for the parish, and the parish Police Jury has given tentative initial approval...Read More »



Hauler Challenges King County, Wash.'s Hauling Fees

Waste hauler Rabanco (www.rabanco.com) has filed suit against King County, Wash., seeking to force the county to cancel a new increase in the per-ton fee it charges haulers, and to permit Rabanco to export local waste outside of the county for disposal. Rabanco, a subsidiary of Allied Waste Industries (www.alliedwaste.com), is seeking a court order allowing it to ship unincorporated King County waste to its own landfill in Klickitat County, and challenges the manner in which the county began charging its solid waste fund $7 million a year in rent for the Cedar Hills Landfill. The rent would come partly from a $10 per ton increase in the tipping fee at the landfill...Read More »



Waste Management Names New VPs For Fleet, Logistics

Waste Management Inc. (NYSE: WMI) has named Mary Kay Runyan Vice President of Fleet and Logistics, and also named Alex Popov Vice President of Logistics. Runyan will be responsible for the Company's fleet, heavy equipment and logistics functions. Popov will be responsible for Logistics. Waste Management's fleet includes approximately 20,000 routed vehicles and 15,000 pieces of heavy equipment, and is guided by efficiency programs including WasteRoute...Read More »


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