Weekly News Bulletin: Mar. 17-23, 2004


Dell Will Recycle, Reuse EPA's Computers

The EPA plans to work with Dell to recycle or redeploy the agency's computer systems at the end of their lifecycles. The EPA has signed a blanket purchase agreement with Dell allowing the purchase or lease of up to 10,000 desktops, notebooks, and servers over the next three years. As the EPA replaces its old systems, Dell will provide an asset recovery service to recycle or redeploy the systems, preserving confidential data and disposing of them in an environmentally sound manner...Read More »



Allied Waste Will Refinance Up To $1B In Debt

Allied Waste Industries' (NYSE: AW) North American unit will refinance up to $1 billion in debt to take advantage of lower interest rates. The company has begun a tender offer for up to $1 billion in 10 percent senior subordinated notes, due 2009. The company also intends to amend its existing senior credit facility, which will permit Allied to issue up to $1.1 billion in debt...Read More »



Seattle Kicks Off Food Recycling Program

Seattle has launched a Green Cone Food Composter and Yard Waste Compost Bin program, designed to encourage city residents to create natural compost via food waste. The food waste program is part of Mayor Greg Nickels' plan to increase recycling in the city to up to 60 percent. Food waste comprises one-third of the typical residential waste stream...Read More »



Two Florida Solid Waste Officials Resign Over Asbestos At Landfill

The two top solid waste officials in Leon County, Fla. have been forced to resign in the wake of revelations that asbestos was not properly handled at the county's landfill on two separate occasions. The director of solid waste and solid waste superintendent submitted their resignations after internal investigations found that the solid waste department did not report to the county about a state investigation that uncovered mishandled asbestos at the landfill. The county is now looking to conduct an outside performance audit of Leon's landfill and transfer station...Read More »



Georgia Supreme Court Upholds Denial of Meriwether Landfill

The Georgia Supreme Court has affirmed a lower court decision that Meriwether County had a valid zoning ordinance in 2000 when the county rejected a landfill proposal near Gay. The landfill was rejected because the land was not properly zoned. But developer Mid-Georgia Environmental Management LLP appealed to the high court, claiming the county did not have a valid zoning ordinance. The lower court found that a 1998 zoning ordinance that did not permit landfill development was indeed valid...Read More »



BFI Could Pay Millions In Missed Fall River, Mass. Host Fees

A Massachusetts Superior Court Judge has ruled that Browning-Ferris Industries, the owner and operator of the Fall River Landfill, must pay the city of Fall River up to $13 million in host fees. The city had filed suit against BFI in October 2001, claiming the company dumped up to one million tons of waste at the landfill over the previous twelve years without paying compensation. The city will request $8.5 million for the non-payment plus an additional $4.2 million in interest. A host agreement stipulated that the company would pay the city $6.26 per ton of waste dumped; the uncounted waste was alternative daily cover...Read More »



Pennsylvania Begins New Brownfields Funding Program

The Board of Directors of PENNVEST, a Pennsylvania government financing authority, has adopted guidelines for a program to help rehabilitate brownfields sites. The program will provide low-interest loans to remediate contamination from a projected fund of $48 million. The board is working to coordinate the program with other state brownfields funding efforts to ease application procedures for public and private developers...Read More »


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