Weekly News Bulletin: Jan. 8-14, 2004


Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation Announces Landmark Year

The Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation has announced that the rechargeable battery recycling industry had a banner year, collecting more than 4 million pounds of rechargeable batteries in the U.S. and Canada in 2003, an increase of 22 percent from 2002. Since 1995, RBRC has recycled a total of over 21.9 million pounds of rechargeable batteries...Read More »



Aquentium Purchases Environmental Waste Management

Aquentium, Inc. (OTC: AQNM) has signed an agreement to acquire Environmental Waste Management, Inc. Under terms of the agreement, Aquentium, Inc. will acquire 100 percent of Environmental Waste Management, Inc. in a share exchange agreement. Aquentium, Inc. is a diversified holding company that seeks acquisitions of emerging private companies...Read More »



Sierra Club Criticizes Minnesota Regulatory Policy

The North Star Chapter of the Sierra Club has released a survey examining the environmental review process in Minnesota, revealing what the chapter calls inconsistencies and possible conflicts of interest. The survey uncovered instances in which governmental units publicly made comments in favor of projects before an environmental review was completed, and instances when local plans and relevant environmental information were not considered during reviews...Read More »



PA Government Services Receives Three International Foundation Contracts

The United States Agency for International Development has awarded PA Government Services Inc. several energy and environmental policy IQCs worth a potential $750 million over five years. PA is now the only international consultancy to hold the three foundation contracts with USAID to perform energy, water and environmental work worldwide, potentially worth a combined $950 million over the next five years. PA works as a partner with government agencies and donors in the Americas, Europe, Asia and Africa to improve governance, reform public sector programs, reduce poverty, and strengthen public infrastructure and environmental services in developing countries...Read More »



Gore Attacks Bush On Environmental Record

Former Vice President Al Gore will deliver an address attacking the Bush Administration's policies on global warming and the environment in New York City on Thursday, January 15. The speech is being co-sponsored by MoveOn.org and Environment2004. According to event planners, Gore will criticize the Bush administration's handling of the global warming issue, and will assert that the administration conducts deliberate attempts to mislead the public as it attacks basic environmental laws and protection...Read More »



CSC Subsidiary Wins Contract At Hanford Cleanup Site

AdvanceMed Corporation, a Computer Sciences Corporation (NYSE: CSC) subsidiary, has won a contract to provide occupational medicine services to the Department of Energy's Hanford site near Richland, Wash. The contract, which has three base years and seven one-year options, has an estimated value of approximately $96 million if all options are exercised. The company will provide medical surveillance; employee counseling and heath promotion; emergency and disaster preparedness; and monitoring of legacy health issues for approximately 11,000 personnel working at the Hanford site, the nation's largest environmental cleanup and restoration project...Read More »



"Sanitary Landfills" No More?

The waste industry may need to begin reconsidering the title of one of its cornerstone institutions. Lake Superior State University in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan, has named "sanitary landfill" to its 2004 List of Words Banished from the Queen's English for Mis-Use, Over-Use and General Uselessness. "Sanitary Landfill" joins "metrosexual," "shock and awe," and the Internet text phrase "LOL" ("laugh out loud") on the list this year...Read More »


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