Weekly News Bulletin: Sep. 17-23, 2003


New York Approves Refinancing of Superfund Program

The New York state Senate has given final legislative approval to refinancing the state Superfund program and establishing rules and tax incentives for cleaning up thousands of brownfields across New York. The state Superfund ran out of money in 2001, with about 800 hazardous waste sites left to clean up. New York also has 91 polluted sites on the federal Superfund priorities list. The estimated annual cost of the state Superfund program is $120 million, funded through state environmental bonds, which are paid for through the state general fund and matching industry fees...Read More »



Indian Tribes Protest Portland, Ore. Cleanup

A letter from six Indian tribes to Portland, Oregon leaders contends that the Portland Harbor Superfund cleanup will take more time and money than projected and will not adequately clean the Willamette River. The current cleanup effort "does not protect human health and the environment" and "is counterproductive to an expedited, efficient process," the letter charges. The six Northwest tribes that signed the letter are the Grand Ronde, Siletz, Umatilla, Warm Springs, Nez Perce and Yakama. A six-mile stretch of the lower Willamette was named a Superfund site in December 2000, as it contains elevated levels of arsenic, petroleum waste, DDT, PCBs and other toxins. More than 70 Portland businesses could be liable for the cleanup, which could exceed $200 million...Read More »



SSWM Will Present MTBE Findings At Conference

Sub-Surface Waste Management Inc. (OTCBB: SSWM) will present news of its successes in treating TBA and MTBE at the ENTECH West '03 Conference in Los Angeles on Oct. 28, 2003. SSWM has developed patent-pending microbial-based technology treatment solutions designed to meet mandated treated water discharge limits. Company officials said they expect SSWM's presentation at ENTECH West '03 will "bring wider knowledge and acceptance of our cost-effective technology breakthrough solutions to potential new clients."...Read More »



EMG, Terrasure Join Forces To Help Remediate Commercial Properties

EMG, a provider of commercial real estate and information services, has formed a strategic alliance with TerraSure, a player in the cleanup of environmentally impaired commercial properties. Together, the companies will provide commercial real estate buyers, sellers, and lenders across the country with a one-stop solution for environmental issues associated with properties being financed, sold, or evaluated for insurance purposes. EMG will conduct site evaluations for various projects through its relationship with TerraSure, and TerraSure will provide the fixed price remediation services...Read More »



Office Depot Expands Environmental Office

Office Depot (NYSE: ODP) is affirming its commitment to environmental stewardship by expanding its "Office for the Environment" and hiring Mr. Tyler J. Elm as Director of Environmental Affairs. The company's Office for the Environment includes senior members of the organization representing all key operational functions, including marketing, merchandising, sales, global sourcing, law and communications. Company officials said the office will establish corporate initiatives and project partnerships with environmental organizations and suppliers that promote and advance conservation, sustainable development and Office Depot's environmental policies...Read More »



Pennsylvania Will Remove Ash From York

The Pennsylvania Department Of Environmental Protection has reached an agreement with American Ash, York Building Products, and the York Solid Waste and Refuse Authority to remove 360,000 tons of ash. The pile should be completely removed by October 2006. Residents have expressed concerns that the ash pile could prove hazardous to their health...Read More »



California Governor Looks To Sign New Environmental Legislation

California Gov. Gray Davis is preparing to sign a slew of environmental measures to curb air pollution, boost recycling and protect the state's coastline and forests in the coming days, all as part of a focused effort to rally supporters to stave off the recall effort against him. Before the recall campaign, Davis' cautionary approach to environmental policy often frustrated environmental advocates. But Davis appears to be taking more political risks, potentially signing laws that would promote electronics recycling and subject certain farmers to tougher clean-air laws...Read More »



Honolulu Prepares To Begin Curbside Recycling Project

The city of Honolulu will begin a pilot curbside recycling program in November. About 11,000 homes will participate in the four-month project, and city officials said they will use the project to determine whether to take the project across the island of Oahu. Residents will be asked to recycle aluminum, plastic, glass and newspaper in one container that would be picked up once a week. Haulers will pick up the recyclables every other week and green waste on the alternating week...Read More »


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