Weekly News Bulletin: Jul. 3-9, 2003


NYC Sanitation Department Seeks To Sell Fresh Kills Equipment

The New York City Department of Sanitation has relinquished 36 pieces of heavy machinery from the Fresh Kills Landfill to the Department of Citywide Administrative Services for auction before the end of this month. Tractors, compactors, cranes and forklifts are part of the inventory housed at the landfill. DCAS will work with Sanitation officials to determine a fair market value for the machinery...Read More »



Tazewell County, IL. Reaches Agreement With Landfill Company

The owners and potential operators of a relatively unused landfill near Hopedale, IL. volunteered recently to abide by a stringent list of environmental concerns before officially taking Tazewell County's trash. The potential agreement between Tazewell County Landfill Inc., a subsidiary of Peoria Disposal Co., and the Tazewell County Board would make the landfill operator financially responsible for five years to meet stringent environmental guidelines. The agreement could relieve the county of a solution of where to take the county's garbage, after its only landfill in East Peoria closes next year...Read More »



Startech Shares Delisted From Nasdaq

Startech Environmental Corp.'s common stock was delisted from the Nasdaq Stock Market on last Thursday, July 3. The delisting was a result of Startech's inability to meet Nasdaq's shareholders' equity listing requirement. Startech's common stock is now trading on the Over-the-Counter Bulletin Board under the symbol "STHK."...Read More »



European Parliament Sets New Recycling Minimums

The European Parliament has passed a bill giving European Union countries until 2008 to double their minimum target for recycling cans, plastic bottles and cardboard packages. But EU governments, which have to agree on the rules before it can become law, want four more years to phase in the targets. Under current regulations, the 15 EU nations had to recycle at least 25 percent of their solid waste by 2001. The new law, if accepted, will see that target rise to 55 percent by 2008...Read More »



French Incinerators Cause Birth Defects, Study Contends

The findings of a comparative study released in France last week have linked the operations of European municipal solid waste incinerators to deformities in babies.
About 200 children in the Rhone-Alpes region were born deformed after such plants had been operating over the past 10 years, according to Paris-based National Centre for Independent Information on Waste...Read More »



Japanese Nuclear Plant Incinerator Overheats

An overheated incinerator at a shuttered nuclear power plant in Tsurunga, Japan spewed smoke into the sky last week, causing no injuries and releasing no radiation but concerning the nation, which relies heavily on atomic energy. It is uncertain exactly what triggered the accident at the experimental plant, about 200 miles west of Tokyo. There was no sign of fire from the outside and the smoke died down without firefighters turning on their hoses, a local fire official said. Officials with the Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency said there was no danger of leaking radiation because the plant had not generated power since its reactors were shut in March...Read More »



Pasco County, FL. Incinerator Dealing With Leachate Floods

The Pasco County, Fla., incinerator, flooded with rains, has collected more than a million gallons of toxic rainwater, all contaminated with metal-laden ash from the incinerator, at a bad time-when the county's leachate treatment plant is shut down for annual maintenance. The leachate has been piling up so quickly that officials have been shipping leachate to Tampa to keep the storage tank from overflowing. The 33-foot-deep tank holds up to 2-million gallons of leachate. The tank had been emptied for inspection just before the heavy rains started in mid-June...Read More »


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