Weekly News Bulletin: May 1-7, 2003


Texas Landfill Battle Moves To New Orleans District Court

The ongoing legal battles against a proposed industrial waste landfill in Beach City, Texas have moved to a courtroom in New Orleans, as the U.S. 5th Circuit Court of Appeals will determine whether local residents' rights were violated by the state's permitting process. Last May, U.S. District Judge Samuel Kent imposed a preliminary injunction against the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, prohibiting the state agency from taking any action on a landfill permit application filed by TSP Development Ltd. Kingwood-based TSP Development proposed the construction of a non-hazardous industrial waste landfill on Fisher Road near Beach City. If the project moves forward, the landfill is designed with a capacity of 23.9 million cubic yards of industrial waste and can handle up to 811,760 tons of industrial waste annually. Beach City residents argued that their constitutional rights were violated by the lack of specific rules and regulations for non-hazardous industrial waste landfills...Read More »



Buried Incinerator Discovered At Rocky Flats Nuclear Plant

An old incinerator that officials at the former Rocky Flats nuclear weapons plant had assumed was dismantled has been discovered under a pile of dirt. But Kaiser-Hill officials, who are handling the cleanup, said workers sometime in the past apparently removed the incinerator's 30-foot stack and then simply pushed dirt over the rest of the concrete structure, which was built against a hillside in 1952. Tests are planned to determine if the incinerator is contaminated with toxic or radiological material, and managers will then write a cleanup plan for the site. Initial measurements showed no radiation, he said. The incinerator was one of more than 300 spots of possible contamination at Rocky Flats identified during document searches and worker interviews...Read More »



US Liquids is Target Of Informal SEC Investigation

U S Liquids Inc. (Amex: USL), a provider of liquid waste management services, is the subject of an informal investigation by the Securities and Exchange Commission. On April 29, 2003, the company announced that, due to improper recording of job costs and certain other items at one of its business units, the company intends to restate its results of operations for the years ended December 31, 2000, 2001 and 2002. In connection with this announcement, the company also contacted the SEC and has been advised that the SEC intends to conduct an informal investigation of the issues leading to the proposed restatement...Read More »



Perma-Fix Reports First Quarter Results

Perma-Fix Environmental Services, Inc. (Nasdaq: PESI) today announced results for the quarter ended March 31, 2003. As compared to the first quarter of last year, revenue increased 18.6 percent to $19.5 million from $16.5 million. Gross margin as a percent of revenue increased from 19.1 percent to 25.9 percent, and income from operations was $681,000, versus a loss of $1.0 million. Net loss for the quarter was approximately $0.4 million or $.01 per share, as compared to a net loss of $2.0 million or $.06 per share for the quarter ended March 31, 2002...Read More »



Dupont Decreases TRI Releases From 2000

DuPont (NYSE: DD) decreased its releases to air, water, land and underground injection wells by 12 percent in 2001 from 2000, according to data provided to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for its Toxic Release Inventory. The decrease was due primarily to reducing air emissions at the source and reducing nitrate compounds in wastewater discharges. Since 1987, DuPont has reduced its releases by 79 percent, even though production increased by more than 35 percent. Some 286 new compounds were added to the EPA's TRI reporting list in 1995. The DuPont Sustainable Growth 2001...Read More »



Startech Receives Delisting Notice From Nasdaq

Startech Environmental Corp. (Nasdaq: STHK) has received a Nasdaq Staff Determination indicating that Startech fails to comply with the minimum $2,500,000 stockholders equity requirement for continued listing, and that it is common stock is therefore subject to delisting from The Nasdaq SmallCap Market. Startech Environmental has requested a hearing before a Nasdaq Listing Qualifications Panel to review the Staff Determination...Read More »



BMW Uses Landfill Methane For Spartanburg Manufacturing Facility

BMW Manufacturing Corp. began recycling methane gas drawn from the Palmetto Landfill near Spartanburg as an energy to source supply the company's manufacturing facility with 25 percent of its energy needs, avoiding 55,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions each year. The methane gas is used to fuel four turbines at the BMW factory, which produce electricity and hot water. This cogeneration of electricity and hot water has been a part of BMW's overall plan since construction began on the plant in 1993. BMW's landfill project is the only project that co-generates electricity and hot water for use at an industrial location remote from the landfill. In order to use the gas, a 9.5-mile pipeline was built from Palmetto Landfill to BMW Manufacturing Corp. BMW's project is unique in the fact that most other landfill gas projects create energy at the landfill and send through wires. BMW will pipe gas to drive generators that will recover sufficient energy to heat the equivalent of 15,000 homes per year...Read More »


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