Weekly News Bulletin: Sep. 19-25, 2002


Shawnee Approves Expansion of Johnson County Landfill

The Shawnee, Kansas City Council has approved the proposed expansion of the Johnson County Landfill. The additional space will extend through 2027 the useful life of the landfill, which handles 4,500 tons of trash a day from 12 counties in Kansas and Missouri. The expansion plan includes an amendment calling for Deffenbaugh to conduct an atmospheric study to determine the effect of the landfill on air quality in the surrounding area. The vote marks the final step in the process to approve the expansion, leaving residents opposed to the expansion without a forum for airing their concerns. The expansion involves 179 acres to the west of the landfill's operations on about 600 acres. In addition to an odor-elimination system, Deffenbaugh has agreed to improve its landscaping by planting trees and grasses on berms surrounding the expansion site. Deffenbaugh will pay the city a one-time fee of $1 million, as well as escalating fees for the estimated life of the landfill. After the first year, the fee would start at $250,000, growing to about $300,000 by the fifth year...Read More »



Senate Race in Colorado Will Focus on Environment

In Colorado, the environment is a major issue as Democratic challenger Tom Strickland and Republican Sen. Wayne Allard snipe at each other in a rematch of their 1996 contest that Allard won by 5 percentage points. Polls have indicated a close race this year, too, with Allard holding an edge so far. Strickland pushed for passage of the 1992 Great Outdoors Colorado initiative, which has distributed about $295 million in Colorado Lottery proceeds for open space projects. Allard notes his "clean 14" list of environmentally friendly actions he has supported or sponsored in Congress. They include work to clean up the former Rocky Flats nuclear weapons plant near Denver and turn it into a wildlife refuge and clean up the Shattuck hazardous waste site near downtown Denver...Read More »



Army Postpones Plans For Anniston Incinerator

The Army has postponed plans to begin burning Cold War-era chemical weapons at its new Alabama incinerator next month, citing new objections from state environmental officials. The Army had planned to begin destroying 2,254 tons of deadly Cold War-era chemical weapons at the Anniston Army Depot in late October. But the state Department of Environmental Management asked for a delay, complaining that the Army's laboratory burn tests were not done according to the procedure approved by the agency. Army officials said the tests would be redone to meet the state's objections...Read More »



Waste Industries Names Waters as Vice President

Waste Industries USA, Inc. (Nasdaq: WWIN) has announced the hiring of Jim A. Waters as Division Vice President of the Georgia/Florida/South Carolina Division. Waters has over 30 years of industry experience, having most recently worked with Earth Resource Management, Inc. as president, and with Waste Management Inc. for 27 years. Waste Industries currently operates 40 collection operations, 26 transfer stations, approximately 100 county convenience drop-off centers and 11 landfills in the southeastern United States...Read More »



Waste Management Names Caldwell To VP Spot

Waste Management Inc. (NYSE: WMI) has announced the appointment of Barry H. Caldwell as senior vice president, Government Affairs and Corporate Communications. Caldwell joins Waste Management from CIGNA Corporation, the Philadelphia-based health insurance and retirement products provider, where he was vice president for Government Relations...Read More »



Major Asbestos Trial Begins This Week

A massive asbestos trial against some of the world's largest companies, including ExxonMobil (NYSE: XOM) and Honeywell International (NYSE: HON), will begin in West Virginia this week, even as the case is being challenged before the U.S. Supreme Court. The lawsuit in Kanawha County Circuit Court comprises the cases of 8,000 people who say they were exposed to the deadly agent. But about half of the 259 defendants have appealed to the high court, saying plaintiffs' cases are so dissimilar that consolidating them infringes on their constitutional rights. Defendants range from manufacturers to groups of employers and building owners, and cases are so numerous the trial was to be split into separate but simultaneous proceedings, one for companies sued over product liability claims and the other for those sued for on-premises exposure to asbestos...Read More »



Allied Cancels Plans For $250 Million Bond Issue

Waste services company Allied Waste Industries Inc. (NYSE: AW) Friday canceled a $250 million sale of 10-year senior notes due to volatile market conditions. "We and our advisors believed an opportunity to access the high yield markets at favorable rates was available," said Tom Ryan, Chief Financial Officer of Allied, in a statement. "The volatility in the market since we announced our intent on September 17 has resulted in an indicated coupon which we feel can be improved upon in a more stable market environment." The senior notes were marketed for a yield around 9%, but investors sought more yield as market conditions deteriorated from the middle of last week...Read More »


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