Weekly News Bulletin: Aug. 22-28, 2002


Shawnee Commission Approves Plans For Landfill Expansion

A Shawnee, Kan. city commission has passed a plan for landfill expansion. Area residents have said that they don't want Deffenbaugh Industries to expand the landfill because of concerns over property value and personal health. The company has said the landfill will shut down the landfill in about 25 years. The Shawnee City Council has the final say on the possible expansion, and is scheduled to take up the issue early in September...Read More »



Waste Industries Completes Two Acquisitions

Waste Industries USA, Inc. (NASDAQ: WWIN) has completed two acquisitions. The first, Pelican Container, Inc., services the southern coastal counties of New Hanover and Brunswick in North Carolina. Company officials said Pelican Container provides an opportunity to expand their current services to existing and potential customers in the construction industry. The second addition is North and South Sanitation, Inc. This tuck-in provides service in Wake and Johnston Counties in the central region of North Carolina, and will work with the company's existing operations...Read More »



USfilter Acquires MCS Technologies To Handle Oil Waste

USFilter Operating Services, Inc. has acquired MCS Technologies LLC, a player in the refinery waste separation and treatment services market based in Corpus Christi, Texas. USFilter will combine MCS's operations with its USFilter Scaltech subsidiary to create an outsourcing services company capable of handling all phases of the management, separation and secondary treatment of waste produced by oil refineries. MCS provides separation and treatment outsourcing services for a variety of liquid, solid and oil-bearing waste streams. The company uses a proprietary technology featuring a compact, portable method to eliminate waste streams and solids generated in refineries. USFilter will immediately take over the servicing of MCS's extensive client base of major refiners along the Gulf Coast, including Sunoco, ExxonMobil and Citgo...Read More »



Utah Depot Burns Off Chemical Weapons Stockpile

Six years after the job started, the Deseret (Utah) Chemical Depot has destroyed 44 percent of the nation's largest stockpile of chemical weapons, officials said. The Chemical Depot plans to destroy the remaining stockpile at the site 45 miles southwest of Salt Lake City by the year 2004. The depot has destroyed more than 6,000 tons of sarin, a highly volatile nerve agent that can paralyze the lungs. The depot next will destroy 1,300 tons of VX, a more toxic but less volatile nerve agent that has the consistency of vegetable oil. It's contained in mines, rockets, warheads and aircraft tanks designed to spray a deadly mist. Finally, the depot will move on to 6,100 tons of mustard gas, a blister agent that can dissolve tissue on contact. The campaign started Aug. 22, 1996, when the incinerator began burning the depot's 13,616 tons of chemical warfare agents -- weapons the U.S. military has never used in combat. They are being destroyed under international treaties signed by more than 200 countries...Read More »



ITec Sells Granulators To California Counties

ITec Environmental Systems, Inc., a division of Beechport Capital Corp. (OTC Bulletin Board: BEAH), has sold three specially designed granulators to two California counties. The company also has confirmed orders for two additional granulators and pending orders for twelve more. Cities and counties throughout California are now purchasing these granulators funded by state block grant programs. ITec offers granulators specially designed to shred plastic containers into flake for transport using 55-gallon drums...Read More »



EPA Issues Removal And Reimbursement Action For Tennessee Oil Spill

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency issued an order for a removal action and reimbursement of removal costs incurred by the United States to Pryor Oil Company, Inc. for its Howard White Unit #1 in northeastern Tennessee. The company is required to immediately remove an oil discharge in order to prevent a substantially larger release. The Howard White Unit suffered an oil flow on July 20; a fire started in the oil and burned forest areas nearby. The Clear Creek area damaged during the spill is a federally designated critical habitat...Read More »



Foster Wheeler Begins Construction of Power Plant

Foster Wheeler Ltd. (NYSE: FWC) has been awarded a contract valued at approximately $200 million by LMB Funding, Limited Partnership, to engineer, procure and construct a nominal 600 megawatt capacity combined-cycle natural gas-fired power plant. Construction is underway at the Lower Mount Bethel project located in Bangor, Pa. The project will include two gas-turbine generators and one steam-turbine generator. The power island turbine generator and steam generator equipment have been pre-purchased by the plant owner and delivery of components has already begun. Operation of the plant is scheduled to begin at the end of 2003...Read More »



Synagro Completes West Coast Acquisition

Synagro Inc. (Houston, TX) announced that it has completed the acquisition of Earthwise Organics Inc. and Earthwise Trucking (Fresno, CA). According to Synagro, Earthwise is one of the largest marketers of Class A biosolids in California, having sold about 500,000 tons of biosolids compost in the Central Valley over the past eight years. Earthwise generates about $10 million in annual revenues...Read More »


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